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Today I’ll be taking a look at Kolobok, a simplistic web-based idle game by CryptoLions released earlier this year (around April of 2021 from what I could find). The term Kolobok comes from an Eastern Slavic folktale about a pastry that comes to life and has various adventures. Basically a variation on the Gingerbread man sort of folk stories.

In Kolobok you breed creatures called Koloboks and can have them risk their lives to try to earn rewards. Each Kolobok has two main stats, Speed and Stealth. Speed determines how long they have to rest i.e., are unusable, after breeding or going out on adventures. Speed also impacts how long these activities take, and seems to range from a low of 1 to a high of 200.

Each Kolobok also has its own pixel image.

Stealth impacts how likely a Kolobok is to survive an adventure and ranges from a low of 0.01 to a high of 1. They have other stats such as Age, Health, Number of Children, and Generation, but none of these seem to have much impact on gameplay. Health is either 100, or -1, and just means that they are alive or dead.

When the game first released, they sold Generation 0 Koloboks. The original purchasers could then breed them to get more, which is how every future generation has come about. There is no real gender to these creatures, so to Breed you simply select two and choose a name for their offspring.

Breeding is not always successful, as there is a base 40% chance of getting a live Kolobok. You can spend the game’s currency, KBUCKS, to increase the chances of success. If breeding fails, you get a dead Kolobok (as seen below).

This is probably a good time to mention that this is a game on the WAX blockchain. Koloboks, alive and dead, take up space in your WAX wallet in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The game gives you the option to Burn the dead ones, effectively destroying the NFT permanently and freeing up space.

You may also be wondering, how does one earn KBUCKS? That would be through sending Koloboks on adventures or turning in NFTs for bounties. At the start of each month, various bounties are offered where you can turn in specific NFTs for a set amount of KBUCKS.

This is the main reason you might want to keep a dead Kolobok around for a while.

There are five different adventures that you can send your Koloboks on. Each one has an increasingly higher chance that it will be fatal, but also a higher chance of you getting a rare prize. Prizes are NFTs themselves, which can be turned in for bounties or staked on the popular R-Planet app.

If a Kolobok repeats an adventure it has completed, you will get KBUCKS instead of a prize. However, this still carries the same risk of your Kolobok dying. I believe you get 5 or 10 KBUCKS from repeating the easiest adventure, though it has been some time since I’ve done that.

The only other feature of note for Kolobok, is that they’ve recently added a Beauty Contest. You can pay KBUCKS to have your Kolobok listed on the Beauty Contest page for a period of time. I’m not sure how much time, I should note that the documentation for this game is nearly non-existent. Whoever pays the most, get listed the highest in the contest.

Koloboks and prizes can be traded, or bought and sold on the Simple Market site. KBUCKS are also a WAX based token, which can be traded on the Alcor Exchange. I was originally thinking of making this part of my Mobile Money series, but Koloboks are being sold for fractions of a cent and KBUCKS have an equally low value. With the current state of things, you aren’t going to be making significant money off this app.

The gameplay consists of waiting for timers to count down, like most idle games. I personally don’t find that the most exciting thing, but if you are a fan of blockchain based games and want to get WAX NFTs, then Koloboks may be for you.

All you need to play is a WAX wallet, and you can get a web-based one for free here. Well, that and a couple Koloboks to get started with, which as I mentioned cost next to nothing now. If you want to check out Kolobok yourself, the website can be found here.

But, for anyone that actually reads this article, if you want to enter to get a pair of free Koloboks from me, then just reply to this article with your WAX wallet address. I’ll give people roughly a week from when this is posted to reply, and make another post with the winner. Best of luck and thank you for reading!

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