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Thunkgaria – (Season Zero/Open Beta)

This is, in part, a correction to my previous Holybread article. It appears that the developer is not planning on updating that game, but has instead released a new game, Thunkgaria. Thunkgaria is a relatively simple browser-based fantasy game with a focus on acquiring items and experience for your characters.

Yes, the game is actually named Thunkgaria.

The game has four basic areas, as you can see in the screenshot above of the main menu. The Tavern is where you can recruit heroes for your team. You can initially recruit three heroes, but you will need to earn Fame points in order to recruit more. You can get a 4th hero at 10 Fame, a 5th hero at 20 Fame, and a 6th hero at 40 Fame.

You earn Fame by participating in the Arena. The Arena lets you pit a three-hero team in combat against other players. You can assign heroes either to an adventuring team for dungeons, to earn experience and gear, or to the Arena.

My team of level 10 heroes about to beat up on a lower level team.

Since you only start with three heroes, a lot of players don’t have an Arena team populated, especially as the game is fairly new. This allows you to assign an Arena team and farm Fame by repeatedly beating up on players without a team. For every 10 wins in the Arena, you earn 1 Fame. You also earn fame for losing in the Arena, which I believe is 1 Fame for 20 losses, though I’m not 100% sure on the rate.

I have a small hoarding problem in this game.

The Camp is where you can assign your heroes to be on the Arena or Adventuring team, as well as store items. Your bag holds up to 12 items, and if your heroes die in a dungeon then you lose anything currently in your bag. You can purchase up to 4 chests to store items in your camp using Relics. Each chest initially has 6 item slots, but can be expanded to 12 for an additional Relic cost.

Each chest costs 5 Relics, and each chest upgrade costs an additional 5 Relics. You earn 1 Relic for every dungeon that you successfully complete. Additional uses for Relics are planned to be added in a future update as well, according to posts from the developer.

There is a 7th area, Swamp (V) that wouldn’t fit in this screenshot.

There are a large number of dungeons, and they seem to rotate out every so often. Each dungeon consists of a set number of fights with various monsters, who may drop equipment if they are defeated. I have noticed that the difficulty doesn’t seem to align with their order. The first dungeon on the list, Zur’s Swamp, is meant to be the first one you start with. But I have found some of the later Swamp dungeons to be easier than the first Trollbrow Caves.

The titular Thunk is in the first dungeon, who drops some starting weapons.

Combat is automatic, with no input from the player. After you click on Continue, your heroes will fight with the monsters and you’ll see a screen with the results. If you won and found loot it will appear on the screen under the combat text, and you can either equip it to a hero or put it in your bag.

Trying to take on a tough monster with only 2 heroes was a bad idea on my part.

As I mentioned earlier, the main point of the game is to level up your heroes and get them better equipment. The only penalty for losing a fight in a dungeon is that anything in your bag is lost. So, the game comes down to a lot of repetitive clicking through dungeons and hoping for rare monsters to drop upgrades, or just waiting for heroes to get enough experience to level up.

The Arena is similar, in that you can just click over and over to fight empty teams a few hundred times in order to get enough Fame to recruit a full team of 6. From what the developer has said, you will unlock new dungeons with harder monsters, and better loot, as your heroes increase in level. He has also said that he plans to add a Hive blockchain based marketplace where players can sell items to one another.

Heroes themselves each have 4 primary statistics: INT, STR, DEX, CON; and a weapon proficiency. CON increases the hit points of your character. The other stats are less clear on exactly what they do. Presumably, DEX may increase speed at attaching and STR may increase damage with melee weapons, while INT may increase damage with spells – but, that is a guess, as there is currently no clear information on what the stats do.

Each time a hero levels up, you get 5 points to spend on increasing their primary stats. Each hero also has a weapon slot, a ring slot, and four armor slots. Rings have yet to be added to the game according to the developer. Heroes normally start with a basic weapon and armor, and upgrades can be found in the dungeons.

New recruits vary in abilities and can be higher than level 1 to start off.

Armor has a durability score and each time you are hit in that location, your armor takes the damage first. Once that piece of armor’s durability is reduced to zero, your hero takes health damage instead. Durability is recovered after each dungeon.

Rarer items are highlighted in blue, like the pants in the screenshot above which give a 1% Physical Resistance. There may be other colors for rarer items, but there’s no current mention of this in the brief documentation that is currently available for the game.

Overall, it’s a fairly simple game where you can progress by just clicking buttons. There’s a brief delay with how often you can attack another player, but there are enough players that you can rotate through and not be bothered by it. Dungeons have no real delay to prevent you from running through them as many times as you want.

Since it’s still a work in-progress I’m not going to give it a hard rating. The artwork is fairly simple and there’s no sound to speak of. The gameplay is pretty repetitive, but if you like casual games where you grind for loot, then you might enjoy this. It is free-to-play, with no ads. If you would like, you can check it out here.

Something about these proportions seems off…

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