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Splinterlands Side Post – Grandmaster Rathe and 100 Pack Opening

The new legendary Life Chaos Summoner has finally been released. I got the minimum 1 copy in the air drop, from the number of packs that I had previously purchased. I went ahead and opened 100 packs to celebrate, i.e. look for more copies!

A good mix of abilities for six mana. Amplify and magic resist for the team will really give Life a leg up against magic teams.

Rather than fill up my weekly article with these pictures, here’s what I found:

Queen Mycelia is always a great legendary to find! The gold foil Scavo Firebolt, along with the gold foil Carrion Shade, are nice as well. I already have Prismologist at max level, so I can trade those away. But, I still need plenty more copies of Nerissa Tridawn.
Carnage Titan is another very playable legendary card. Also, another gold foil rare and common combo, though more playable for me than the first set. Three copies of Thaddius Brood, who I already have at max level, as the first Summoner card.
A decent block of epic and gold foil common cards. Portal Spinner is the only card I already bought a max level copy of out of this section, so everything else is useful. Granted, I probably should rent out some of these gold foil cards, that I likely won’t play in Gold or Diamond league since they are lower level.
River Hellondale is not my favorite legendary, but always happy to get any legendary card. The gold foil General Sloan is exciting, and will see some use in my Brawls! Nine copies of Obsidian and 5 copies of Keyla Frendul are also good to see. A lot of gold foil commons, and one rare as well, so overall a really great section of cards.
Three legendary cards! Okay, so Zyvax Vuul and Fungus Fiend aren’t as exciting as Void Dragon, but I didn’t actually have a copy of Fungus Fiend yet. Two gold foil rares, and a few more gold foil commons too! Only one General Sloan out of 100 packs, but it’s a good thing I already got a max copy.
Grum Flameblade is a great legendary for reverse speed. Iza The Fanged is conditionally useful at higher tier play, which works for me. Six copies of Tarsa, which will just about max her out for Silver for my alt account. The handful of gold foil commons and epics are also good to see.
Two copies of Soul Fiend! This is actually the legendary card I’ve opened the most copies of at this point, with my having five in total now. Gold foil Chaos Knight is nice to see, as well as a couple of additional epic cards. Acid Shooter isn’t my favorite, but it was only one copy.

I still have a few hundred packs left to open. In theory, I should hold them until they add the rest of the legendary summoner cards. But, opening packs is fun, so I may open some more each time a new legendary Summoner comes out. Or, maybe after the Splintershard token (SPS) air drop ends in a few weeks. Either way, I’ll be back in a few days with a season wrap up article!

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