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My Splinterlands Self Challenge #8 – 4th Season Ends

Welcome to another update on my attempt to challenge the Splinterlands ranked leagues with only the initial set of cards!… Plus, whatever I can earn or win! It’s been a busy few days since my mid-season update! It has been quite a busy week since my last update. To start off, after my mid-season article @clove71, one of the Splinterland’s team, sent me a bunch of new cards.

This counts as a ton of cards by my standards.

I like to think that they are just supporting people who are active in the community, and not trying to bribe me to write good things about their game. Considering she also gave out a pack of their Dice set of cards to anyone who happened to wish her happy birthday on their Discord channel earlier this week, I feel it’s more likely to be the former. Speaking of which, I also happened to get a pack of Dice cards in this manner.

All told, 5 new summoner cards in the space of a couple of days!

This has been a pretty crazy week in terms of collection growth. Before I get too much further into that, first here’s a quick breakdown of my daily quests and rewards:

Daily Quest #40 – Win 5 with Life. I lost the first game, then won the next five in a row. For completing the daily, I got a 2nd copy of the common Earth card Nectar Queen.

Daily Quest #41 – Win 5 with Water… which, I rerolled to Death. I had a couple of bad runs with playing Water last week. It took me 14 games to win 5, but for finishing the daily I got 1,107 Dark Energy Crystals! Normally I find about 6 to 11 in a daily rewards chest, so this more than doubled my DEC.

Daily Quest #42 – Win 5 with Water… which, I rerolled to Fire. I was able to finish the daily in 7 games, losing only one and winning the other one playing Earth – due to the Earthquake rule being bad for my Fire cards. For finishing the daily I got my first Legendary Death card the Ancient Lich!

Random rolls sure are random!
Splinterlands was suddenly showering me with great big rewards!

Daily Quest #43 – Win 3 playing no Neutral Monsters. This took four games. I won 2 and lost 1 playing Fire, then won one playing Death. For finishing the daily, I got a much more normal reward of 6 DEC.

Daily Quest #44 – Win 5 with Life. This ended up being a bit tougher and took 14 games to complete. I technically won 6 of those 14, but one was an instant surrender where I got no quest credit. For finishing the daily quest, I received 8 DEC.

Daily Quest #45 – Win 5 with Life (again). After losing 2 in a row, I rerolled this to Win 5 with Fire. It took me 9 games to complete the daily, for which I received a Gold Potion.

Daily Quest #46 – Win 5 with Death. This took 9 games, of which I only actually lost one. I won one game playing Earth, due to the match rules making Death sub-optimal, and had two opponents surrender before I could submit a deck. For finishing this daily quest, I got a Legendary Potion.

I played a fair number of games outside of the daily quests, trying to see how I could do in advancing up the leader board, not to mention playing in the tournament I wrote about in my previous article. The new set of summoners and the legendary really helped make Death, Dragon, and Earth much more viable to play in Bronze league. I feel like I might have been able to crack the top 100 if I played a bit more, especially after getting all of these new cards, but didn’t have enough time to commit to doing that.

My final standing at the end of this season.

With the season wrapping up, I had a bit under 2,000 DEC and a little over 3,000 card power. As a reminder, the requirements to make the Bronze I league are 1,000 rating and 5,000 card power. I had the rating covered, but not quite enough DEC to make up the missing 2,000 card power.

At the end of last season, I had bought several Fire Epic cards to move up to Bronze II. Being a good distance from Bronze I at that time, I put one of them up for rent on PeakMonsters. Well, it had rented out for a few fractions of a cent, which I was then able to turn around and rent out two equally cheap Legendary cards for the end of the season, in order to move up into Bronze I briefly.

The two extra rewards are nice, but starting this upcoming season from Bronze II instead of Bronze III is the real prize.

I did buy one Legendary Potion and two Gold Potions before opening the Dice pack, after Daily Quest #45. The potions don’t seem to be doing much, as I haven’t seen any golden or legendary cards in the packs that I have opened. I also spent 1 DEC to enter a Bronze tournament @clove71 created for this Friday. I don’t expect to do well in it, but it is only 1 DEC – so, what the heck!

That’s about it for this update! Most of my observations from last time still feel applicable. The leader board looks fairly similar to last season. I still think flattening the pack rewards might make for a healthier environment, and entice more people to play in Silver if they have the cards for it.

As for myself, the question now is what to spend my 2,000 DEC on? I can actually buy a pack, and be entered into potentially winning items in future air drops. Or, I can pick up more playable cards that will help me get closer to making Bronze I without needing rentals. Let me know what you think, and I’ll be back in about another week with another update!

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