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My Splinterlands Self Challenge #21 – Back To Bronze, Too Many Tournaments!

Welcome to another update on my attempt to challenge the Splinterlands ranked leagues with only the initial set of cards!… Plus, whatever I can earn or win. After spending the prior season treading water in Silver III, I decided to spend this season doing the Bronze league leader board ladder once again. This past week has also seen the introduction of new sit-and-go style tournaments, leading to a large number of additional tournaments being created.

To start things off, as usual, he is a breakdown of the past week:

Daily Quest # 139 – Win 5 with Water. For completing this daily quest, I got a Gold potion.

Daily Quest # 140 – Win 5 with Death. For completing this daily quest, I got 5 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC).

Daily Quest # 141 – Win 5 with Fire. For completing the daily quest, I received a 15th copy of the rare Dragon monster card, Gloridax Soldier.

Daily Quest # 142 – Win 5 with Life. For completing this daily quest, I got a Legendary potion. I also won a copy of the rare Death monster card, Haunted Spirit, from @Clove71’s Twitch stream.

Daily Quest # 143 – Win 5 with Water. For completing the daily quest, I received a 5th copy of the common Earth monster card, Nectar Queen.

Daily Quest # 144 – Win 5 with Earth. For completing this daily quest, I got a 13th copy of the common Water monster card, Wave Runner. Only one more copy to be able to level him up to 3rd level. I also spent 923 DEC to pick up two copies of the Untamed Life summoner, Mother Khala.

Daily Quest # 145 – Win 5 with Water. For finishing the daily quest, I got 25 DEC. I also lost to @MarcusWahl on his Twitch stream, getting 100 DEC. Plus he finally sent me some tokens on his auction site, after I had won that on his prize wheel the last few times I had beaten him.

Daily Quest # 146 – Win 5 with Death. For completing this daily quest, I got a Gold potion. I spent 1862 to pick up 4 copies of the Untamed Dragon summoner Drake of Arnak, enough to level it up to level 2 – though unfortunately they are locked for 4 days. I also spent 852 DEC to pick up 2 more copies of the Life summoner, Mother Khala, to level her up to 2.

At this point, the only Untamed summoner I still need to level up is the Earth one, Wizard of Eastwick. I’m playing about 30-50 games a day, on average, to keep up with the Bronze leader board. This means that I’m accumulating a decent amount of DEC as the week goes on, which is why I was able to afford these cards.

Finally, I also got a prize of an Untamed pack and 10 raffle tickets from the Splinterlands team doing a giveaway. The raffle tickets were part of the land sale, and they will be giving away the prizes for them a few days after this posting. Also, here are the contents of the pack:

Got another copy of Mother Khala as my rare!

Due to the large number of tournaments this week, I’m going to split them up into the official Splinterlands tournaments and the player made ones. For official tournaments, I played in a Bronze rules with no Legendary summoner cards and only the Untamed card set, two Novice rules Untamed Kobold Mining tournament tournaments, a live Novice tournament, and a Bronze rules with no Legendary summoner cards. Oddly, I did my best in the Untamed only Bronze rules tournament, where I played with a few under leveled Summoner cards – since it took place before I bought the cards at the end of the week.

In that tournament, I went 8-3 the first day to actually make it to day 2. I finished with a 16-6 record, coming in 12th place and getting 350 DEC. I went 7-4 in both Kobold Mining tournaments, not making day 2. Due to the randomness of tie breakers, I came in 67th place in one with no prize and 57th in another for 40 DEC. I made it to only the third round of the real time Novice tournament, technically coming in 29th place and getting 150 DEC. Finally, in the other Bronze tournament I also went 7-4, not making it to day two, but coming in 63rd place and winning 143 DEC.

@MonsterGames has also been making a lot of Novice and Bronze tournaments. Initially they were to try to test out an idea for emulating sit-and-go style tournaments, before the developers actually added functionality for them during this season. He made them so that everyone would win a prize, which was typically small amounts of DEC – but, the entry fees were also quite small. In some he also gave away delegations of Legendary cards, to try to help out newer players.

There is a 2,000 DEC cost to make tournaments, and he made a LOT of tournaments.

I played in about six of them, usually going 6-1 and winning 20-30 DEC per tournament. I also played in a free-to-enter Silver tournament, but due to getting a new puppy that has taken up most of my free time, I actually missed playing in day 2 – even though I had done well enough to make it into the second, and final, round. Only the top 10 players would win a prize, which I am doubtful I would have made with my well below Silver level card collection.

There are a lot of tournaments coming up as well! It looks like I’m signed up for about 6 official tournaments, and 2 player made ones already! I feel like I should add a third article to cover them, though the past week or so I’ve been struggling to get in playing the game to begin with.

The actual Bronze ranked grind has been going about as well as expected. Halfway through the season and I’m bouncing around the top 10 spots, after playing over 300 games. I’m not sure I want to try to play enough to make a top 3 spot, but it certainly seems possible if I just throw a ton of time into beating on bots for +3 points a match.

My collection power has only gone up a few hundred points since the season ended, mostly from purchasing additional summoners. It doesn’t matter much for Bronze league, but getting enough for Silver II for the extra daily rewards would be nice for the future. It should keep going up as I get more reward cards and, hopefully, win packs.

My goal for the rest of the season is to maintain a top 10 spot! I’m also well on track to finish my collection of level 2 Untamed summoner cards, for use in the tournaments. I’m not sure what I will work on after that, but likely filling out my collection for Bronze level play.

This has been a long update already, but I feel I should also mention that it seems like there’s a lot going on with the game. The tournament updates were a nice change, and they have also added new reward cards, new match rule sets, and it seems like a new Guild versus Guild tournament system may be coming out soon! If you made it this far, thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions on future updates then please let me know in the comments below!

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