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My Splinterlands Self Challenge #1 – First Day, First Weekly League Finish

As I wrote yesterday, I signed up for Splinterlands to try to see how far I could get off of only the initial investment of buying the Spellbook.  To start off, Clove71 from the Discord channel was nice enough to send me a free welcome pack.  Opening it provided the following cards: an Herbalist, a Sniping Narwhal, a Cursed Slimeball, a Mantoid, and a Truthspeaker – the rare card.

2e281246867eebf02e8905905ab7ffc0b3069e367c2795b9352e4778a5d4235f.pngFirst pack results!

The daily quest was to win 5 games playing as the Fire element.  I ended up playing this with the majority of my games, as I feel it may be my strongest collection of cards.  I kept some short notes on my matches, though it seems like most of them are viewable in my battle history, which I find to be a nice feature.  

My first match was against Pasie15, playing as Death, with a 24 manna cap.  My Fire summoner is Pyre, who gives all of my units +1 speed.  I put in the beefy Living Lava as my first position tank, and this card was really my MVP for most of my initial matches.  Not having a great idea of what I was doing, I filled out the rest of the lineup with a Kobold Bruiser, a Goblin Fireballer, a Goblin Chariot, and a Tower Griffon.

60640f0f22b4592201b2f171d7f69baf4f7f8e783a529b74663ac6bef01c57d1.pngI took a screenshot of the match, which I ended up winning!

This match seems to have fallen out of my log, but the rest are still there.  

..after a long wait for opponent

I’m not sure how long these links are good for, so I apologize if they get wiped after I play a few more games.  At the end of a day of playing,  I ended up at Bronze II, which meant I won 7 chests.  Opening them today, I found 2 Ant Miners, a Wave Runner, a Silvershield Sheriff, and 73 Dark Energy Crystals, which brought my total up to 120.004.  All told, I got about 1 crystal from all my match wins and 119 from rewards.

5c278ae613b976276bb16c3301470c1f02073b42b7809a1660b59b3e88f000d7.pngFirst league rewards!

My second daily quest is to win 5 playing Earth, which I am a bit leery of doing with my current cards.  I decided to wait until after the league reset, so I’m back down to Bronze III and have a better chance of playing against weaker decks.  Oh, I also want to thank steamdan from Discord, who sent me a few cards today.  I missed getting a screenshot of them, and I can’t seem to find a way of getting a history, but I recall one was an Ant Miner and another was Undead Rexx.  The Discord community for the game is very friendly, though every time I go to pop in there’s at least 300 new messages in General making it hard to keep track if anyone replied to you without using tags.

I’m thinking I’ll post these once a week when the league ends, and maybe not include ALL the matches if I do a weekly report.  If anyone is interested in more details about any particular aspect, let me know and I can try to include more about it next time!  Thank you for reading and next time we’ll see how the first full week goes!

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