Splinterland Self Challenge

My Splinterlands Self Challenge #0 – Jumping Onto The Splinterlands Bandwagon

Starting off a new series, with my attempts at playing ranked Splinterlands. One item of note is that these articles are a week or two behind my actual gameplay. I wrote a more detailed article about Spinterlands itself here, for anyone interested in more general thoughts on the game. We’ll see if my opinions change over time.

Having started to read some other gaming blogs recently, I came across a lot of people writing about Splinterlands. After having played a fair amount of physical Magic: The Gathering in my past, and various online collectible card games a bit more recently, I decided to check it out. 

Having dabbled a bit in cryptocurrency, I managed to scrape together $10 in ETH and picked up the Spellbook, which is basically paying for a “real” account that can win prizes. Like physical card games, there is a large aspect of needing to build up a collection. But, I’m going to try to limit myself to that being my only purchase with funds outside the game – and, to see how far along I can get under those restrictions. I can still enter contests for free cards and spend any DEC earned in game to not make it impossible!

Here’s my brand new account! Even before the transaction went through, a couple of the friendly people on the Splinterland Discord channel sent me over a couple gifts! (I had been asking question on there earlier in the day).

I consider myself -decent- at strategy games, having been good enough to make it into Pro Tour events back in my MTG days, but not good enough to actually do well at them. That was a few years back now, but we’ll see how those skills have held up and will translate over to Splinterlands. I’ll post another update on how things have gone after I actually play a bit, but I expect most of my gaming time will be over the weekend.

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