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My Splinterlands Blog #76 – The Rewards, They Are A-Changing

Welcome to another entry where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! Initially it was a self challenge, to see how far I could get with the initial set of cards plus whatever I could win. But, that kind of fell apart around week 30 (with the game integrating with the WAX network and users being able to buy and sell cards on Atomic Hub). Now, it’s mainly just me tracking my progress within the game.

I’m a bit behind with my mid-season article, but it gave me the chance to write this after the latest Town Hall (formerly Ask Me Anything) news. While there were quite a lot of announcements, the big news is that the reward system is going to be revamped. Splinterlands will be removing the ability to earn Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) from using the free “ghost” cards that come with the spell book. They also noted that they plan to change how the daily quest system works, incentivizing players to play more than just finishing out their daily quest each day.

There was also some talk about land and Splintershard (SPS) tokens, which are a bit further out from the sound of it. It did seem like the Modern and Wild format split would be coming out in the next month or so! There’s also been some news put up in the official documentation site that you will soon no longer be able to see your opponent before a match starts.

When your opponent ends up being Byzantinist.

Oh, and one more item of note, the 8th Chaos Legion airdrop card came out! There are only 6 more airdrop cards left, which will be the Legendary summoner cards for the Chaos Legion set. The new card is a high manna cost, high attack melee monster for the Dragon element that seems like a very solid addition in high manna matches.

Expensive-to-cast, large monsters are some of my favorite cards in the game.

A solid amount of news after a few quiet weeks! It seems like some of the long promised updates are actually going to be hitting soon. At any rate, let’s get on to the breakdown of the past week!

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 551. Win 5 with Death… re-rolled to Win 5 with Fire. I played a bit and made it back up to Gold II and got 17 (9 + 8) DEC, 2 Gold potions, a Venari Crystalsmith (rare monster), Djinn Chwala (epic monster), and Djinn Renova (epic monster)! A solid start to the season with two epic reward cards!

Daily Quest # 552. Win 5 with Snipe. For completing this daily quest, I received 4 DEC. a Gold potion, a Legendary potion, a Venari Heatsmith (common monster), a Pelacor Deceiver (common monster), a Uraeus (epic monster), and a Chaos Legion pack!

Daily Quest # 553. Win 5 with Water! For finishing this daily quest, I got 6 DEC, a Legendary potion, a Pelacor Bandit (common monster), a Venari Heatsmith, a Pelacor Mercenary (common monster), a Venari Crystalsmith, and a Uraeus!

Daily Quest # 554. Win 5 with Sneak. I managed to make it back into Gold I and got 15 (6 + 9) DEC , a Legendary potion, a Pelacor Bandit, a Pelacor Deceiver, a Gargoya Lion (common monster), a Gargoya Devil (rare monster), and a Venari Bonesmith (rare monster)!

Daily Quest # 555. Win 5 with Death… re-rolled to Win 5 with Earth. For completing this daily quest, I received 2 Gold potions, a Legendary potion, a Pelacor Bandit, a Pelacor Conjurer (common monster), a Venari Seedsmith (rare monster), an Exploding Rats (rare monster), and a gold foil Gargoya Lion!

Daily Quest # 556. Win 5 with Earth. For completing this daily quest, I received 23 DEC, a Legendary potion, 2 Pelacor Bandits, 2 Venari Heatsmiths, a Gargoya Lion, and an Exploding Rats.

Daily Quest # 557. Win 5 with Life. For finishing this quest, I got 38 (20 + 10 + 8) DEC, a Gold potion, 2 Pelacor Mercenaries, and 2 Venari Heatsmiths.

Daily Quest # 558. Win 5 with Dragon. For completing this daily quest, I received 25 (6 + 14 + 5) DEC, a Gold potion, 2 Pelacor Bandits, an Exploding Rats, and a Chaos Legion pack! All in all, a really good week for rewards!

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #70, playing Gold foil Bronze. A strong week for brawls, as we came in first both times! One opponent fled, but I actually got three opponents overall this round.

Vs. Golden-AXE of Silver-RU

Vs. Solominter.SPLAND of The Misfits

Guild Brawl #71, playing Gold foil Bronze. Back down to two opponents, one of which fled. I think sometimes people miss that these are gold foil brawls


The Rest:

Not much else of note this week. I didn’t do any trading, play in any tournaments, and my alt account didn’t get any reward cards of note. The value of DEC has continued to creep back down towards the original soft pegged value as the SPS airdrop starts to head into its final few months. I should probably spend some of what I’ve got left to pick up more cards.

I’m still holding onto my Chaos Legion packs, waiting for the Legendary summoner cards to be available before opening them. And, that’s about it! Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please let me know! I’ll be back next week with the season wrap up!

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