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My Splinterlands Blog #63 – First Season of Chaos Wrap Up

Welcome to another weekly update on my attempt to challenge the Splinterlands ranked leagues! Initially it was a self challenge, to see how far I could get with the initial set of cards plus whatever I could win. But, that kind of fell apart around week 30 (with the game integrating with the WAX network and users being able to buy and sell cards on Atomic Hub).

The release of Chaos Legion has shaken up some of the leagues, especially Bronze from what I can tell. The removal of the beta “ghost” cards that were free-to-play from all accounts has really shifted what Splinters are the strongest to play. I don’t really have them leveled high enough to commonly use them on my main account, but I did start to work to rectify that this week.

Some Silver league Chaos Legion only tournaments are coming up, so I’ve been trying to work on getting Silver level cards from that set. I’ve done quite a bit of trading and buying this past week, but I’ll try to summarize it without getting too into the weeds at the end. For now, let’s get into the usual weekly breakdown of the past week:

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 460 – Win 5 with Snipe. For completing this daily quest, I received 7 (3 + 4) Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), 2 Pelacor Bandits (common monster), a Gargoya Devil (rare monster), a Venari Crystalsmith (rare monster), and a Venari Seedsmith (rare monster)!

Daily Quest # 461 – Win 5 with Death… re-rolled to Win 5 with Dragon! For completing this daily quest, I got 24 DEC (6 + 9 + 5 + 4), a Gold Potion, a Legendary potion, and a Venari Seedsmith. On the bright side, I did get a Uraeus (epic monster) on my InvestYGator account!

Daily Quest # 462 – Win 3 with No Neutral. I finally got back to Gold I before finishing this daily quest, and received 146 (140 + 6) DEC, 1 Gold potion, a Pelacor Deceiver (common monster), a Venari Heatsmith (common monster), an Exploding Rats (rare monster), a Venari Bonesmith (rare monster), and a Venari Wavesmith.

Daily Quest # 463 – Win 5 with Water. For completing this daily quest, I got a Gold Potion, a Legendary potion, 2 Venari Heatsmiths, 2 Gargoya Lions, a Pelacor Deceiver, and a Gargoya Devil.

Daily Quest # 464 – Win 5 with Sneak. For completing this daily quest, I received a Gold potion, a Pelacor Deceiver, a Venari Heatsmith, a Pelacor Conjurer, a Pelacor Mercenary (common monster), a Venari Wavesmith, and 2 Venari Bonesmiths.

Daily Quest # 465 – Win 5 with Earth. For finishing this daily quest, I found 43 (30 + 9 + 4) DEC, 2 Gold potions, a Venari Heatsmith, a Pelacor Conjurer, and a Pelacor Deceiver.

Daily Quest # 466 – Win 5 with Death… re-rolled to Win 5 with Sneak. For this final daily quest, I advanced to Diamond III after completing it and got 3 Legendary potions, a Gold potion, a Pelacor Bandit, a Gargoya Lion, a Pelacor Mercenary, a Pelacor Conjurer, a Venari Heatsmith, and a Twilight Basilisk (rare monster).

I also opened some more Chaos Legion packs.

This was a great pack with four rare cards, one being the new Fire summoner!
I accidentally closed the next pack contents before I got a screenshot, and had to pull this off of Nothing too exciting in this one.
I also got too excited and grabbed a bad screenshot here! The new Life legendary is a card that I think will see some play in higher manna matches.


Wednesday Silvershield Knights, Silver League tournament: I managed to remember to sign up for one tournament, though my Silver tournament cards aren’t all that great. I went 5-6 to not make day 2, but came in 89th place for 15 Splintershard Tokens (SPS).

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #51, playing Gold foil Bronze, Untamed set only. I had one opponent, but otherwise the guild managed to finish in first place!

Vs G186 of Land Barons

Guild Brawl #52, playing Gold foil Bronze, Untamed set only. I managed to get one opponent once again, but this time several people seem to have failed to submit their brawls. The guild ended up coming in 6th place, instead of our usual top 3.


The Rest:

I have done a ton of trading vouchers and buying cards ,with Credits that I got from my prior Chaos pack sales, to try to upgrade my collection. This is a bit of a lengthy list, so I’ll try to summarize. I picked up another Mylor Crowling, Lorna Shine, and Owster Rotwell from the Dice set of summoners. I leveled up my reward epic monsters to level 4 for Gold league.

The 2nd abilities on these cards make them a lot better.

I also got my reward common cards leveled up. Some of these I bought, and some were just from getting a lot of them in reward chests.

I still need to get Pelacor Bandit to a higher level for the extra damage boost.

I got my Life and Water Chaos Legion summoners up to level 4, or Silver league cap. I still need to get Fire, Earth and Death leveled up past 2. I got lucky opening the gold foil Dragon summoner, so he’s already set for Silver league.

I also picked up a few Chaos Legion legendaries, like Chaos Dragon, Queen Mycelia, River Hellondale, Adelade Brightwing (level 2), and a couple of the new 0 cost fiends. Outside of this, I also accepted a handful of gold foil rare and epic cards in trade, which I’ve mostly ended up lending out to new players for collection power to get to Bronze II.

The price of DEC and SPS has seen a tumble this past week or so, along with some other crypto currencies. Card prices have also been dropping, which is probably healthy for the game bringing in new players. Packs are still locked for another few weeks behind a voucher system, though I am planning on picking up a bunch more when they go into the public sale.

For seasonal rewards, I ended up in Gold III on my InvestYGator account and Diamond III on my main, which is the usual now. I’m hoping to be able to start doing better in Gold, with more leveled cards for that league, but we’ll have to see how that pans out. Here are my seasonal rewards:

InvestYGator’s rewards, with a couple of nice gold foils and a big 400 DEC chest.
Sadly my Diamond III main account had less overall DEC than my Gold account here, and only one epic card of note among all of these reward chests.

For the upcoming season, I’m hoping that I’ll have an easier time getting up to Gold I earlier in the season. That and I’m looking forward to trying out the new Chaos Legion only tournaments to see how those play out. Though I may not have enough leveled cards to compete yet.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading! If you play, I hope that you had a good season, and if you have any questions or comments, please let me know. I’ll be back next week another mid-season update.

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