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My Splinterlands Blog #62 – Chaos Legion Part 3, Cracking New Packs

For the last part of this update, I’ll post the picture of what I got opening a bunch of my Chaos Legion packs. I opened 100 as a group, then 10 manually, then 50 as a group. First off, here’s what was in the first 100 packs:

Not sure why, but my first screen shot came out smaller than the rest. The three gold foil rare cards, the gold foil common, plus the three epic cards are the high point.
Two more gold foil commons, a very nice gold foil rare, and a copy of the strong Water epic monster. Too bad I didn’t get more copies of her.
Two copies of two different epic Fire monsters and ten copies of the new Earth summoner. Only need another 105 to max get a max level copy…
Only three copies of the new Fire summoner, which is unfortunate. Fortunately, there are a lot of other good cards here like the first legendary card and a gold foil epic!
A second legendary cards, plus a few more epic and gold foil common cards!
Two more legendary cards, including the new Dragon summoner! Oh, and a whole bunch of epic cards, plus five copies of the new Life & Death summoners.
Another legendary card, along with a couple more epic cards, and a couple more gold foil common cards to boot!
The only section without anything big in it. Chaos Agent also seems like a particularly bad card from this set.
Five copies of the new Water summoner, plus another gold foil epic, a gold foil rare, and a couple more regular epic cards!
Switching over to manual pack opening, and nothing of note in the first one. Well, I do like the new Earth common monsters with Thorns and Healing at least.
Cursed Windeku is an interesting Death tank with thorns, but nothing too notable in this pack either.
Another copy of the new Water summoner is a good pull for the rare card!
Also nice to find another copy of the Fire summoner!
The Xenith Monk gets regenerate when leveled up, possibly making him a useful card.
Double rares is always good, especially when one is a summoner!
Life summoner and a gold foil common are good finds!
The Scavo Hireling is kind of a cool neutral monster, with the repair ability. But, overall this is not too great of a pack.
Happy to see that the rare is another Water summoner.
Yet another Water summoner! Okay, back to another 50 pack mass opening!
An epic and a gold foil common being the main cards of note to start off.
At least I didn’t get a lot of Chaos Agent cards out of the 250 here.
Three more Water summoners and a nice gold foil rare!
And the money section! First gold foil legendary out of 160 packs, and it’s the summoner!! There’s some other nice stuff in here too, but gold foil legendary summoners are about the best thing you can get!
The new zero cost legendary cards are kind of neat. Also, a few more epic cards and a nice pair of gold foil rare cards! Oh, and another Life summoner.
Four Death summoners and one more Earth summoner. A few more epic cards, plus a gold foil common. Not a bad section of cards here.
Another gold foil rare and gold foil common!
And, finally, one more gold foil common, plus another Fire summoner.

After 160 packs, I’ve only got enough summoners to get them all up to Bronze level, or level 2. The exception being the Legendary Dragon summoner, since I got him in gold foil that puts him at Silver League level by default. I’m going to either need to open a lot more packs, or buy a whole bunch of summoners off the market, to be able to use any of these in Gold league play.

Anyhow, I’m excited about the legendary cards I did get, plus the rotation of Beta out of the “ghost” cards. It will be interesting to see how the game evolves now that there’s all these new cards in play. That’s it for this three part post, and I’ll be back with a season wrap up in about a week!

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