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My Splinterlands Blog #62 – Chaos Legion Part 2, Lots of Untamed Pack Pics

Before Chaos Legion came out, I was opening up a couple of my Untamed Packs to post each week. With Chaos Legion coming out, and hoping to get lucky enough to finally find that Yodin or Scarred Llama legendary summoner, I opened up a lot of my remaining packs. I also opened up a bunch of Chaos Legion packs, but I’ll put those in a Part 3 to keep these from being too lengthy. It’s too bad I don’t stream, or this would have been fun to do live.

No rare card, but a very useful epic monster.
Really exciting pack with two epic cards and a rare!
Double rares with one being a summoner is also a really solid pull!
A gold foil common, keeping the streak of something good in the packs going!
Double gold foil commons!
And the end of my streak of good packs.
But, then back with a really great pack containing a summoner, an extra rare, and a gold foil common!
Another summoner and gold foil common!
Back to an average pack, though I do like Serpent of Eld as a tank.
Nothing super exciting, but 4 out of 5 neutral cards in this pack was fun to see.
Another great double epic, plus rare, pack!
Another standard pack, with nothing too exciting.
Finally a Legendary card! The Vigilator is a fun Dragon splinter monster card.
I accidentally closed the window when trying to take the screen shot of this pack, and had to grab the contents off of the PeakMonsters history.
A very solid pack, with a summoner and another rare monster.
Always happy to see another gold foil common!
And, one last gold foil common!

Sadly no legendary summoners in there. I still have a dozen Untamed packs left, but I am considering selling them to get more Chaos Legion packs over opening them. Speaking of which, my next post with those should be up soon!

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