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My Splinterlands Blog #52 – More Server Woes and Mid-season Update

Welcome to another weekly update on my attempt to challenge the Splinterlands ranked leagues! Initially it was a self challenge, to see how far I could get with the initial set of cards plus whatever I could win. But, that kind of fell apart around week 30 (with the game integrating with the WAX network and users being able to buy and sell cards on Atomic Hub).

It hasn’t exactly been a smooth first week of this season. Various server issues have been popping up, interrupting Splinterlands gameplay to varying degrees. CubDefi, one of the early places on the Binance Smart Chain network where you could do a Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) liquidity pool, is closing down the original pool to migrate to an updated version (article here). This seems like it may be causing some issues with the Splintershards (SPS) air drops from that network.

Personally, it has been a rather uneventful season so far. I missed a few tournaments, as I got caught up doing support work instead and missed entering them. I also haven’t spent a lot of time trying to acquire the new reward cards from the market, though their prices have gone down as bit as they continue to get rewarded to players and put onto the market.

Here’s the usual breakdown of the past week:

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 378 – Win 5 with Life. For completing this daily quest, I got a Uraeus (epic monster ), a Pelacor Deceiver (common monster), and 2 Gold potions.

Daily Quest # 379 – Win 5 with Earth. For finishing this daily quest, I received a Pelacor Conjurer (common monster), Vanari Bonesmith (rare monster), a Naga Assassin (rare monster), and 76 DEC.

A very speedy archer at low cost, though its damage is on the low end, even at higher levels.

Daily Quest # 380 – Win 5 with Death… re-rolled to Win 5 with Snipe. For completing this daily quest, I received a Legendary potion, 10 DEC, a Venari Heatsmith (common monster), and a Pelacor Mercenary (common monster).

Daily Quest # 381 – Win 5 with Death… re-rolled to win 5 with Life. For finishing this quest, I got 1 Gold potion, a Pelacor Conjurer, and 91 DEC (86 + 5).

Daily Quest # 382 – Win 5 with Earth. For finishing this quest, I received a Gold potion, a Venari Seedsmith (rare monster), a Venari CrystalSmith (rare monster), and a Gargoya Devil (common monster).

In my opinion, this new healer is one of the best of the new rare quality rewards cards from the new batch.

Daily Quest # 383 – Win 5 with Life. For completing this daily quest, I received a Gold potion, a Venari Heatsmith, a Pelacor Bandit (common monster), and a Gargoya Devil.

Daily Quest # 384 – Win 5 with Sneak. For finishing this daily quest, I got a Uraeus, a Pelacor Conjurer, a Venari Heatsmith, and a Venari Bonesmith.

Daily Quest # 385 – Win 5 with Earth. For completing this daily quest, I got a Gold potion, 22 DEC, a Gargoya Lion (common monster), and a Pelacor Mercenary.

Less exciting than the Gargoya Devil, but a decently high health flier. The slow speed and lack of damage make him feel less useful.


I missed registering for two Bronze tournaments this past week. I really need to remember to do that ahead of time! Granted, my performance hasn’t been too great of late, but I have been getting more SPS from then.

Thursday Bronze Blunderbuss, no legendary cards, Untamed set only tournament. I went 7-4 the first day, still making day two. I finished up 13-8 to come in 23rd place for 25 SPS (minus the 6 entry fee).

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #34, playing Gold foil Bronze, Untamed set only. I only had one opponent this time. The guild came in 3rd place overall.


Guild Brawl #35, playing Gold foil Bronze, Untamed set only. I only had one opponent again. The guild came in 1st place overall by 1 win.

Vs THECARDVAULT of Team Possible S-Force

The exciting news is that we finally upgraded the new guild Store to level 2, meaning we can buy the new Gladiator packs. I picked up two, though didn’t get anything I can really play since I’m doing Gold Foil only matches.

At least this scratched the pack opening itch for a little while longer.

The Rest:

Not much else happened this week. No real trading, as I’ve pulled most of my cards off the market and haven’t bought anything new. I’m thinking I should get some reward cards leveled up, but haven’t pulled the trigger on doing that as of yet. InvestYGator, my rental account, didn’t get any rewards of note this past week.

Outside of the lowest DEC reward and arguably the worst new card together.

DygyCon, the online digital convention, is coming up this weekend and I’m looking forward to that. I expect I’ll continue to spend more time doing Splinterlands support than playing, but hopefully we’ll get caught up on the backlog of tickets soon! Maybe I’ll also finally spend some of my hoarded DEC on new cards, if I find the time to do some shopping!

That’s about it for this week! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback please let me know in the comments below! I’ll be back next week with another update for the end of the season!

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