Splinterland Self Challenge

My Splinterlands Blog #177 – Modern Vs Wild

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! Since the Wild pass was added, requiring a fee to play in Wild, I have switched over to playing Modern on my alternate account and Wild on my main. My experience in both formats hasn’t been all that great of late.

While I am playing a mix of what used to be max Silver or max Bronze level cards on my alternate account, I am frequently playing against people with max level cards in Bronze I or Silver III. Even when I win games, with my 20X reward boost for staked Splintershards (SPS), I get about 50 Glint. A single common card draw is 100 Glint, or the minor loot chest is 150 Glint, and these generally feel like they’re not worth getting – putting the cheapest prizes that feel worth it at the 750 Glint major chest level.

Playing Wild is a little better, though there I get about 300 Glint for a win in Diamond I with a 5.5 reward boost from a significantly larger amount of staked SPS. I suppose in both format the random nature of wins is also a bit of an issue. I will occasionally beat max level decks in Modern, or lose to cards half the level of my main deck owing to the high element of chance in the game. But at least I feel like I’m earning towards getting chests more on my Wild account.

On the news front, the main takeaways from this recent Town Hall were that Soul Keep should be released on the 25th (not too long after this is posted), the Tournament pages are being moved to the new client, and new player 1-Click rentals should be coming in the first update in July. There was also some talk about Matt regretting that Vouchers were introduced as a reward for holding SPS and node licenses, and wanting the DAO to get rid of them. They also shared what I would call more of a project list, rather than a roadmap:

There was also some mention of doing a new phase of Land work. It will come before the full 2.0 whitepaper items. Essentially they would be adding new resources and making them required for producing SPS or Research. One thing that was promising, was that the team said they might even out the Glint for playing in Wild now that the pass has drastically reduced the number of accounts playing there.

A new set of reward cards is also in the works and should be out sometime in the next few months. Nate shared some of the sketches, though no actual stats. Their release should also coincide with being able to unlock the current set of account bound reward cards, though it sounds like doing so may be a bit pricey.

While moving Wild cards back to my main account, I did notice that I really need to clean up my collection. There are cards that I could probably combine up and give to my alternate account to improve it slightly. I’m also conflicted about what to do with my cards on Land.

I would like to pull off some of my better Wild cards to actually use on my main deck again. Land isn’t really earning all that much, nor is it particularly interesting right now. It is fairly far behind where I think a lot of people, the team included, want it to be – and the departure of the lead land developer not too long ago might tie back to that.

Cards are extremely cheap right now, and token prices are also fairly low. These are kind of related, since cards are tied to earning tokens. At any rate, to feel better about my game losses due to random elements like the Scattershot rule, I picked up some cheap Chaos Legion packs to open.

I’m only opening a couple per week to stretch them out a bit.
Though neither one was all that exciting in terms of cards I hit.

That’s about it for me this week. I’m looking forward to trying out Soul Keep to see if they used the year of delay to polish it up. Thank you for reading, and I’ll be back next week with a season wrap up