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My Splinterlands Blog #172 – Where Did The Mid-Season Update Go?

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! Work has been quite busy, so not only am I late with a season wrap up article – I never did a mid-season update at all this past week. Ah well, I didn’t have much to report in the middle of the season anyhow, but I’ll try to cover what has happened in the last week or two.

The Bitcoin Halving is upon us once again, and a promotional card sale event started at the end of this season. A Legendary and a Rare card are for sale, at 31,250 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) or 3,1250 DEC, respectively. Both cards have the Halving ability, which was originally introduced on the Halfling Alchemist during the last Bitcoin Halving.

The 4th Conflict reward card was revealed, which is the first of the Legendary Summoner cards that will be part of the Rebellion card set. It is a Fire and Death summoner with bonus Melee and Magic damage, as well as the Tactics abilities to buff creatures before the battle. It seems like a fairly strong card, though I expect I won’t get any from the Conflict airdrop.

The team also finally released an updated Battle History page on the new client, along with an updated Team Creation screen. The Team Creation did not incorporate the Battles 2.0 features showcased so very long ago at Splinterfest, but several rounds of layoffs have probably tempered the idea of animating and voice acting every card. Both screens seemed to be fairly buggy upon release, though there have been about a half dozen patches to fix it up since it was released.

The changeover of rewards from chests to Glint has been a bit of a jarring experience. There’s no longer a rush to try to get enough points for the next chest, and the end of season was less exciting. I did open a bunch of card draws at the end of the season, which I guess is the new rewards season. To be fair, on the last town hall they talked about adding more things to get with Glint from the shop.


Guild Brawl #207 playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in first place.



Vs. FOXM of (something foreign)



Vs. KYSAT of UNREAL – opponent fled

Guild Brawl #208 playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in first place I think. I keep missing the end of the brawl, but I’m pretty sure the brawl Discord bot is tracking that we came in first again!

Vs. CHARM4NDER of LEGACY (I forgot to copy the battle link!)




I also opened a couple of Gladiator packs:

The gold foil is a nice find for my Brawl deck. I think I have enough copies to level him up, though I’m not sure that actually helps with my Bronze tier brawls.
Some good cards, but nothing of real note here.

The Rest

Playing in Wild last season, I got up to Diamond with my alternate account and Champion III on my main account. I tried to play some Modern on my alternate account, but it wasn’t that successful and I barely made it to Silver III. There were a lot of players with max level cards, where I still have mid-level cards on that account.

I spent a bunch of Glint at the end-of-season for soulbound card draws. I did 10 Master Draws, which are essentially the old Champion chest card rates:

A lot of commons and a few rares, kind of below expectations for the most expensive card draws.

I opened 20 Elite Draws, which are similar to the old Diamond chests:

The second opening was pretty good, with one legendary, an epic, and a gold foil rare set of cards!

I opened 10 Veteran Draws, which are similar to the old Gold chests:

Some more epics here at least.

I opened 20 Adept Draws, which are similar to the old Silver chests:

A bunch more common and rare cards. I didn’t use potions for this.

I finally opened 20 Initiate Draws, which are the cheapest and worst chance of getting higher rarity cards:

These chests only have single cards in them. I only found commons and rare cards, which is to be expected from these least expensive chests.

My attempts to play Modern earned me very little Glint on my alternate account. I opened a few Initiate and Adept chests, but didn’t get anything of real note. The Splintershards that were removed from chests and added to the battle rewards have made the amount you get from battling go up in all formats. It’s just less exciting than the randomness of chests.

I’m probably forgetting a lot, since it’s been so long since my last article! But I feel like this is probably enough screenshots for one update. Thank you for reading, and I’ll try to actually be back in about a week with a mid-season update for this current season!