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My Splinterlands Blog #169 – Everything Is Changing Again

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! We recently finished up the first season under the new ranked system where there are no longer level caps on Summoners in the different leagues. There was also a Town Hall and game update since my last article, so there’s a good bit to cover!

The third Rebellion airdrop card!

The Town Hall had a lot of news, with the first major item being the stats for the next Rebellion Conflict airdrop card, Venka The Vile. This new neutral Legendary card seems designed to shake up the current high end meta, where decks tend to play Grimbardun Smith backed up with lots of healing. The card adds a new ability, where the monster can make melee attacks against the tank from any row, similar to the Melee Mayhem ruleset.

This defensive Rebellion promo card has been very popular in Champion level play.

The other major news coming out of the Town Hall was that this would be the last season under the current reward system. Starting in early April, reward chests and a daily Focus will be going away. Instead, you’ll earn reward points from playing the game, which you can spend on reward cards, potions, or energy to do more battling. You will also be able to burn the account bound reward cards for reward points and Gladiator cards will switch to being burnable for Merits, to get more Gladiator packs, instead of Dark Energy Crystals (DEC).

A new rules set was also teased, which seems to be where you can only play Neutral monsters in a battle. Looking even further out, there is also going to be a Bitcoin halving promotional event in mid-April, though the details of this have yet to be revealed. Those were the major items that I can recall from the Town Hall.

The last update made a major change to brawls, where guilds that fail to enter a member in a battle section, automatically lose those battles against any guilds that did fill that slot. I like this change, as I had a few brawls in the past where I was the only one that entered gold foil Bronze and I didn’t get to contribute as I had no opponents. There was also a tweak to allow players in Champion to match up, regardless of their rating difference. Apparently the top few players were only getting matched with one another over and over.

A number of other small fixes and improvements were in the last patch, along with a few more screens shifting over to the new client. I’m hoping that will finally get finished this year, as it seemed like it was a huge priority, then they forgot about it for the better part of a year. It certainly seems like they have picked it up again this year, or at least after Matt took over as CEO.

Anyhow, lots of things changing! Hopefully they’ll be for the better. I also did open up another Rebellion pack this week:

A lucky pack with three rare cards, two of which were Summoners!


Guild Brawl #202 playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in 2nd place, which is the best we’ve done in quite a while now!




Vs. USERCC2 of XYZ – opponent fled


I also opened up another Gladiator pack:

Nothing of real note here, just the bare minimum single rare card.

The Rest

I predominantly played in Wild, as it was much easier to get higher level chests there. I made it to Gold I on my alternate account, which still just has the old Silver League level of cards in it. I made it up into Diamond on my main account, though only to Diamond II if I recall correctly. It was funny, at one point my alternate account was getting close to catching up to my main, as I kept getting paired with max level decks on my main and losing and getting easy decks on my alternate account and winning handily.

Modern is still a bit tough, as I have a better Wild collection. I played a little, but probably will wait for the reward change next season to really take another swing at it. For this end of season, I got a good number of Diamond chests on my main account, and a fair number of Gold chests on my alternate account.

On my alternate account, I got lucky on legendary cards this season and got enough copies of Iziar to level mine up to 2. The gold-foil Swamp Spitters were also a nice find.
I also had a lucky hit on my main account, getting the last Aves Sturgis I needed to get him to max level. Sadly, I’ve still yet to get a Kulu Mastermind on my main account, even though my alt has a level two. Anyhow, I also a decent amount of Splintershards (SPS) and potions from my Diamond chests.

The final season of March was extended out to go until April 2nd, so that they could do the reward update on a Tuesday immediately following the end of season. I’m looking forward to seeing the new reward system, and hope that it I can start getting my cards actually leveled up in it. We’ll find out next month!

This has been fairly length, with all of the screen shots, so I think I’ll wrap things up here. Thank you for reading! If you have any question or comments let me know below, and I’ll be back in about a week with a mid-season update!