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My Splinterlands Blog #157 – The End Of Updates

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! We are rapidly approaching the end of the year, and it seems like the team is going to be taking a break from weekly releases, so no more game updates… for 2023. We are going to have our last Town Hall of the year with the team in a few days, and we’ll hopefully see what their roadmap plans are for 2024!

In terms of updates to the game since last time, the brawls have been updated to include Rebellion cards and use the new Modern format in some frays. A handful of combat bugs introduced with the Rebellion set have been fixed, though it still seems like Weapons Trained monsters are still not taking double damage from monsters with Oppress, as they are supposed to. Land continues to get various fixes and user interface improvements, though it still seems to have a few issues with construction time.

One neat little thing that they did this year is to add some holidays card skins to some of the new Rebellion cards.

I’m still trying to balance Land and playing the actual card game. I have 3, out of 13, plots that I don’t have enough Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), or cards, to utilize. I ended up buying some cheap Chaos Legion reward cards and pulling some of my Wild cards off land, since they had similar production and my Wild deck is much better with those cards in it.

My two Splintershard (SPS) mines are making about 30 SPS a day. My grain production is positive, since most of my sites are dedicated to that, though the market price for it is around .06 DEC right now. And, in one last bit of Land-related news, several posts about the next phase have been made, which is going to switch from the current production style to one with a vast array of buildings and about 50 different resources to get for constructing spell and item cards in the final phase of Land.


Guild Brawl #185, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. I messed up and forgot to look where the guild finished, or to get copies of a bunch of matches before the next brawl cycle started. I did write down who I played, but only caught a couple of them.







I did open up a couple of Gladiator packs, so I’m guessing we did okay:

I opened both packs together, but seem to have gotten the minimum single rare card per pack.

The Rest

I played a very small amount of Modern this season, as the changed format means I have a mediocre at best collection. I did manage to make it up to Diamond III on my main account and Gold III on my alternate account. Putting a bunch of my Wild cards on Land did make a noticeable negative impact to my win rate.

I had forgotten to advance to Gold last season, so my alt. account got a larger number of Silver chests than usual. However, only one epic card of any real note in here.
While I got fewer Diamond chests on my main, I did get significantly more SPS per chest, some gold foil commons, and one more epic than my alternate account.

There’s not much that I can really say about the new Rebellion cards, not currently owning any. Some of the new summoners seem like they are fairly strong, and the Ambush ability seems good in conjunction with monsters that make multiple attacks. But, in general. my plan is to keep going in Wild and potentially start selling off some SPS to get DEC and cards.

I’m hoping that there is also some news about the Tower Defense game in this final Town Hall for the year. It was supposed to be released quite some time ago, and there’s been basically no news about it for a while. It seemed like it was mostly done the last time there was a demo of it released.

That’s about it for this week. Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or comments, please let me know below. And, I’ll be back next week with the last mid-season update of the year!