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My Splinterlands Blog #155 – At Long Last, A Land Update

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! After several missed past release dates, the Land 1.5 update is finally here! It has been over three years since the land sale was first started and we are finally at a point where you actually need to use your cards to mine for Splintershards (SPS), instead of just getting it for owning land deeds.

We are now at the Mine point, so still a ways to go.

With Rebellion coming up next Tuesday, I’m considering what I should be doing. I setup 10 of my 13 plots, which took up most of my older cards that have high production points. Untamed is going to rotate out of the Modern league next season, which mean only my Chaos Legion and handful of Rift Watcher’s cards will be playable there.

I’m thinking of staying in Wild and seeing if I can get by beating up on poorly equipped bots. I do still have enough cards to run my Silver alternate account decently, though I did pull a few cards off for land use. I could have committed some more cards to land, but at the expense of really gutting my deck.

Half my plots are going to be building for a little over a week to add additional Grain harvesting.

The land release seems to have gone fairly well, though some people seem surprised that it isn’t quite the gold rush of SPS and that it’s essentially clicking once a day or so to get tokens. However, it does seem to have had the effect of driving up card prices and the price of SPS and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). Some of that is from the Rebellion pre-sale, but this land update release has helped keep things going in the right direction.

Speaking of Rebellion, the entire set is now available on the test server. However, I’ve barely had enough time to play my own deck in the real game, let alone playtest the new cards. I used most of my DEC on land, rather than the new set.

I did open up a couple of Chaos Legion packs, looking for more land workers.

A very solid first pack with one of the better Death tanks as the rare, and a nice Water epic card. The second pack was much less exciting.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #183, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in 4th from last place.





I was able to open one more Gladiator pack:

A good pack with double rare cards and an epic card!

The Rest:

I managed to get into Diamond League on my main a couple of days after the midpoint of the season. However, the end of season did sneak up on me a bit, and I forgot to advance to Gold at the end of the season on my alternate account – even though I could have. Ah well, I’ll just go for lots of Silver chests, before Rebellion comes out anyway.

I had a decent set of cards come up on my alternate account, which was getting Gold League chests for this past season. A couple of epics and a couple of gold foil commons of note.
One decent-sized SPS chest, a couple of epics, and a bunch of cards from my main account’s Diamond league chests.

With how busy work is, the idea of cutting down to playing one account is a bit tempting. Moving most of my cards onto doing passive work on Land is a possibility, though maybe not the most profitable one. It can be fun to play the game still, and there’s a lot more rewards in ranked play than just SPS.

That is about it for this week. I’ve got a short amount of time before Rebellion comes out, and I’m likely fleeing Modern play. But, I’ll start trying to include some thoughts on the Rebellion set next time. For now, thank you for reading and I’ll be back next week with a midseason update.