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My Splinterlands Blog #152 – The End of RiftWatchers Airdrops

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! Once again, I’m a bit behind in my article writing, and we’re now a little past the halfway point of the current season. Another tentative Land 1.5 date was given out on the last Town Hall saying that it would come out this upcoming Tuesday.

I’m a little dubious about land coming out, considering the issues that seem to keep popping up on the test server. But, the other big item of note is that we’re about to hit the final Riftwatchers airdrop card. The stats were just released for this final Life legendary monster, Inevitable.

This is quite the beefy melee card, which should make a great front line card. It’s only real weakness is Magic damage, and to some degree Giant Slayer. I don’t expect to get any airdrop copies, with my small number of RiftWatcher pack purchases, but there’s always a small chance I might get one!

There were a handful of small changes in the last update, but nothing really worth talking about. Though, one last noteworthy item is that the reward pool did finally run out of Chaos Legion packs. I opened two more from my dwindling supply:

Only the minimum single rare in both packs, but it was nice to get a Summoner from the first pack. The common cards in the second pack are also pretty strong.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #179 playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The brawl number is kind of off now, since I joined a different guild, and missed a couple of weeks. I didn’t record how well the guild did.





I did open five Gladiator packs that I had accumulated, but forgot to open, over the past weeks:

Nice to hit a Legendary card, though I need one more to level it up. Only one gold foil common out of the lot, but also better than none.

The Rest:

There was an issue with one of the bot services, and I was able to shoot up into Diamond III in Wild relatively early in the season. I also made it up to Silver I in Wild on my alternate account. I may be in trouble once Land comes out though, as my plan was to use most of my Wild league cards on plots.

I will probably need to consolidate down to one Modern account, but we’ll see how it goes. Without Rebellion cards, I might not be competitive at all in Modern league – at least once that comes out in early December. Still, Wild league might be viable depending on how poorly equipped the bot decks are at that point.

At any rate, that is the news from this week. I’ll be back in about a week with the season wrap up, and we’ll see if the next phase of land finally makes it out of the gate. Thank you for reading!