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My Splinterlands Blog #150 – Rebellion Presale & Me Behind The Times

Welcome to a somewhat belated end-of-season article, where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! I’m quite late with this mid-season update, as I was away for 5 days to attend my sister’s wedding and visit with my parents. I’ve been struggling to catch up on things since getting back, and writing this article has unfortunately not made the top of the list until now.

The biggest, and really only, game news since last time is that the Rebellion set has gone into its presale. Half a million packs will be available for a month, with the top 6 buyers getting to design cards and the top 250 buyers getting in-game titles. There was a big rush of sales at the start, with about half of it going relatively quickly. But, it’s stalled out a bit after that. The general consensus on the Discord seems to be that there will be another rush at the end, as people try to secure their top spots.

The other news is that I switched guilds on my main. The guild leader switched it to an open guild, and all the free spots immediately filled with bot accounts. I joined one of the many Team Possible sub-guilds, which is run by someone I know. Related to that, I missed recording brawls for this last week, so going to skip that section this time around.

I did open a couple of Chaos Legion packs. They’ve almost run out of them in the rewards pool, though the prices of them are still quite cheap. It’s still unclear whether Rebellion packs will be found in reward chests once it comes out.

A very unlikely four rare pack. Some pretty useful ones as well!
This pack was much less exciting, though nice to see a summoner as the rare card.

The only other item of note was that Matt gave an offhand date that land 1.5 should be out in November during the last town hall. Several dates have previously been given and missed in the past, so I take this one with a grain of salt. That being said, things do seem to be coming along fairly well on the test server with land testing.

Rebellion is set to actually release on December 5th. I haven’t bought any packs yet myself, with my Dark Energy Crystals being allocated for land work. With new summoner abilities coming out with this set, I do expect it will be a strong set that will heavily impact the game.

I did mainly switch to playing Wild, and am in Silver I on my alt account and Gold I on my main. I almost hit Diamond a couple of times, and may yet before the season ends. I certainly seem to be having an easier time getting chests there than in Modern.

That’s about all the news since last time. Thank you for reading, and I’ll be back in a few days with a season wrap up! That is, unless I fall behind on writing that one as well.