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My Splinterlands Blog #149 – Rebellion Pre-Sale Coming Soon

Welcome to a somewhat belated end-of-season article, where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! The only big news is that the Rebellion set pre-sale starts on October 18th, the day after the next patch day. There was an official post giving details on the sale and the changes in the Rebellion card set.

To try to quickly summarize, there will be 4 new monster abilities, dual Element summoners that can use cards from two elements at the same time, and a new set of summoner abilities where you can pick a buff/debuff to target a monster after teams have been revealed. It has not been released what the combination of elements will be on the new summoners, or the details of what they can do in the new second phase of combat preparation. The new monster abilities were all covered and seem fairly straightforward to understand.

Armored Strike acts as a second melee attack based on the current armor of the monster. To counter that, Corrosive Ward acts as a Cripple against armor, permanently removing it from a monster. Flank gives the monster behind it Reach, similar to Possibilus The Wise letting you give Reach to monsters that normally wouldn’t have it. Finally, Lookout gives neighboring monsters one damage reduction if they are not in the front spot.

Two pre-sale promotional cards were also detailed in the post, Mantaroth and Grimbardun Smith. They are both neutral cards, with Mantaroth being a fairly powerful high cost legendary card. Grimbardun Smith has great defense, no attack on its own, but does repair armor. These cards, similar to Doctor Blight, won’t appear in packs for the set.

Unless I give up on Land, I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to get many pre-sale packs personally. If Vouchers get a nice price bump, maybe I can sell some of my stockpile to get a few packs at least. But, that’s about it for news this week, aside from my opening a couple of more Chaos Legion packs:

While the first pack was the bare minimum single rare card, there was at least a gold foil common card in the second one.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #178 playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in 2nd to last place, with one person not submitting teams. There were a whole bunch of flees this time around, so we could have easily placed higher.

Vs. CRYPTOUSER003 of SUICIDE SQUAD – opponent fled

Vs. CAYDEC0017 of FREE JULIAN ASSANGE – opponent fled

Vs. SWEARINGRADIO of THE ELITE – opponent fled

Vs. DOUBLEJA of PEAKMONSERS – FEEDER 6 – opponent fled

The Rest:

I finished in Gold I on my main account in Modern, and after playing in Silver I on my alternate account, I jumped it up to Gold III at the end of the season. I wasn’t particularly close to getting Diamond this season, and I’m debating if I should just switch to Wild to see if I can do better with my cards. It’s going to be a tough decision when Land and Rebellion come out, as the latter will also knock Untamed out of Modern.

My alternate account got a gold foil summoner, a couple of decent Splintershard (SPS) chests, and a couple of epic cards from Gold league chests.
I had a decent run on my main account, with a pair of Chaos Legion packs and multiple gold foil cards.

On the bright side, the upcoming Rebellion set sale has driven the price of Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) almost back up to $1 = 1,000, which in turn is starting to bring the price of SPS back up. Also of note, as I have been writing up this article some accounts have started burning large numbers of common Chaos Legion era reward cards for the DEC. This might be a sign that prices have finally bottomed out on the cards for that set.

The actual Rebellion cards won’t be playable until December, when the set goes into a regular sale. It still feels like a big shift to the game that’s approaching faster than most things usually do. Land phase 1.5 is still not out, with no sign of a release date yet.

At any rate, that is the news from this season wrap up. I’ll be back in about a week with another update, and we can see if the pre-sale has gone well by then. Thank you for reading!