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My Splinterlands Blog #147 – When September Ends

Welcome to a somewhat belated end-of-season article, where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! Work has been quite busy of late, and I’m several days behind. There’ve been a couple of big changes, which I will try to touch on, though going into detail on them could well fill a separate article.

The biggest news is that Aggroed, the C.E.O., was ousted from his position. Well, the public line is that he will be filling the C.E.O. role for a new company that is being spun off. This new company will consist of the soccer game, Genesis League Goals, and the Innvenium/Arcade Colony projects, which apparently offer services to bring existing games on to a blockchain.

Yabapmatt, or Matt, the other co-founder is taking over as interim C.E.O. of Splinterlands. Accompanying this was another round of staff layoffs, as the company hasn’t been profitable for quite some time now and they are trying to cut back further on costs. The overall news of the company split and leadership change seems to have been generally positively received by the community.

Aggroed was always a bullish leader, and considered something of a hype-man. Matt generally comes across as more serious and generally interested in building up the Splinterlands game, rather than expanding the company. Hopefully this split will work out, and let leaders focus more on fewer projects.

Outside of that, it seems like the new Rebellion card set will be out by the end of October, possibly beating the Land 1.5 release out the door at this rate. The tower defense game is staying with the Splinterlands company, but is being officially kicked back due to the layoffs. Matt did say it would be a focus sometime after Rebellion and Land 1.5 were out.

That’s probably more than enough news for one week! Though, I did open up a couple more Chaos Legion packs:

A solid first pack, with an extra rare and an epic card. The second pack was less exciting, though Deeplurker and Djinn Apprentice are both good cards.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #176 playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in 4th to last place.



Vs. SKYEELLIS12T of SIAMTHAILAND – opponent fled




The Rest:

While I fared better this season in Modern Gold league, my alternate account had much better luck playing Wild Silver than Modern Silver. I managed to get up to Gold I on my main account, so I won’t be relegated to trying to grind my way out of Silver at the start of this next season. I easily got up to Gold III in Wild on my alternate account, and jumped up only at the end of season for higher tier chests.

Nothing too exciting on my alternate account. One epic, but no legendary cards or packs.
The same single epic card on my main. But, for some reason much better Splintershard rewards even though both accounts were getting Gold league chests.

My plan for next season is essentially more of the same. Try to get up to where I can jump to Gold on my alternate account in Wild, then switch to Modern and try to grind up to Diamond on my main. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about Rebellion coming out. I’ll get more into that next time, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to afford enough packs to play in higher leagues readily.

That’s about it for this season! No real trading or tournaments, as usual. Not sure if it’s still worth mentioning that at this point. But, thank you for reading, and I’ll be back soon with a mid-season update!