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My Splinterlands Blog #132 – Happy Memorial Day 2023

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! It is always nice when the season ends on a holiday, so it’s easier to be around to check what you ended up getting for season rewards right when it ends. Not my best season by any means, but a little better than the previous one, at least in terms of my performance.

Before getting into the second half of the season, there were a few updates worth mentioning. First off, they removed the cap on buying additional energy, or ranked battles, though increased the cost the more you buy. The other main item of note is the announcement of a Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) burning event to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the game’s release. It is essentially an introduction of the new transferrable guild points system, with some potential random prizes tossed on top.

The final item of note is that the old SPS Airdrop page was put back, after not getting implemented on the Tech Modernization version of the page. This is part of a proposal to put an end date on the original Splintershard Token (SPS) Airdrop, of which about 30 million remain unclaimed. I got all of my SPS from this at the time, but hopefully a few people can use this opportunity to get theirs if they forgot about it.

That’s about all the news from this past week. I did spend some time this season jumping back and forth between Modern and Wild. There is still no sign of enforcement on making Modern human play only, but that was kind of dropped on the team via a community vote rather than being part of the roadmap. At any rate, let’s take a look at the last half of this season.

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 969. Got Dragon Focus on my main account, playing in Gold league. I received 13.081 (10.656 + 2.425) SPS, 67 Merits, 10 Gold potions, 9 Legendary potions, and 4 Terraceous Grunts (common monster).

InvestYGator, my Silver league alternate account, got Defend Focus. I got 3.247 (0.117 + 0.086 + 2.643 + 0.401) SPS, 232 (208 + 24) Merits, 1 Legendary potions, 3 Gold potions, 2 Fungus Flingers (common monster), and an Eternan Brune (rare summoner).

Daily Quest # 970. Got Death Focus. I received 0.716 (0.495 + 0.221) SPS and 4 Octavia Shadowmeld (rare summoner). I ended up working late and didn’t play a lot of matches this day.

InvestYGator got Life Focus. I got 0.276 (0.099 + 0.121 + 0.056) SPS, 2 (1 + 1) Imperial Knights (common monster), and a Will-O-Wisp (epic monster). I decided to get my Wild rating back up to Silver I, which also didn’t help in the number of chests.

Daily Quest # 971. Got Fire Focus. I received 3.388 (2.497 + 0.54 + 0.351) SPS, 44 Merits, 11 (5 + 6) Gold potions, 5 Swamp Spitters (common monster), and 4 Imperial Knights.

InvestYGator got Anti Magic Focus. I got 5.916 (1.468 + 0.304 + 0.604 + 1.681 + 0.052 + 0.081 + 1.726) SPS, 2 Swamp Spitters, a Gobson Bomber (common monster), and a Pembrook Nymph (rare summoner).

Daily Quest # 972. Got Stealth Focus. I received 0.971 (0.294 + 0.252 + 0.425) SPS and 11 Legendary potions.

InvestYGator got Death Focus. I got 0.205 (0.09 + 0.115) SPS, 4 (3 + 1) Gold potions, a Possessed Puppet (common monster), 2 Dumacke Orcs (common monster), and 4 (2 + 2) Coastal Sentry (common monster).

Daily Quest # 973. Got Water Focus. I received 0.896 (0.266 + 0.38 + 0.25) SPS, 33 Merits, 7 Gold potions, and 5 Venari Marksrats (rare monster).

InvestYGator got Dragon Focus. I got 1.227 (0.05 + 0.079 + 0.128 + 0.116 + 0.403 + 0.317 + 0.134) SPS, 148 (52 + 96) Merits, 3 Legendary potions, and a gold foil Possessed Puppet.

Daily Quest # 974. Got Fire Focus. I received 0.872 (0.503 + 0.369) SPS, 22 (10 + 12) Legendary potions, 67 Merits, 2 Drybone Barbarians (common monster), 3 Imperial Knights, 9 (6 + 3) Coastal Sentry, and a Thane Newsong (epic monster).

InvestYGator got Defend Focus. I got 0.07 SPS, 5 (2 + 3) Gold potions, 1 Legendary potion, 40 Merits, 3 Imperial Knights, a Wily Coyotian (common monster), 2 Terraceous Grunts, 2 War Pegasus (rare monster), and an Evelyn Auvera (epic monster).

Daily Quest # 975. Got Fire Focus (Diamond Chests). I received 10.195 SPS, 24 Legendary potions, 2 Firecaller (common monster), 6 Coastal Sentry, and a Chaos Legion pack!

InvestYGator got Life Focus. I got 1.091 (0.099 + 0.093 + 0.122 + 0.698 + 0.079) SPS, 2 Legendary potions, 2 Gold potions, 6 (3 + 3) Firecallers, and 2 Wily Coyotian.

I opened a couple more Chaos Legion packs, as I have been doing each week:

The first gold foil out of the last seven packs, so a little better this week.
Though nothing too exciting out of the second pack. But I do like Deep Lurker and Silent Sha-Vi as cards.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #150, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in 4th from last place.




Vs. RUSTIK 1 of UNWANTED – opponent fled




Guild Brawl #151, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in 4th from last place again.





I also opened two Gladiator packs:

Two rare cards, although no gold foils for my brawl deck.
A lucky three rare cards in this one!

The Rest:

I did manage to make it up to Diamond III this season in Modern league on my main account. I did mess up, and forgot to advance to Gold on my alt account. Though, I am getting noticeably fewer chests playing under the league for the chest quality, so we’ll just see how this season goes getting Silver season chests on my InvestYGator account.

This season was somewhat similar for my main, as I was actually playing in Gold for Gold chests for most of the season, instead of Diamond chests. I didn’t have great luck on rewards this season. Here is what I got:

InvestYGator got about 30 Gold chests, with no legendary cards or packs this season. The SPS amounts were okay and a decent amount of common and rare cards at least.
I got about 50 Gold chests on my main, but also no Chaos Legion packs or legendary cards. The 4 gold foil Lobb Lowland were a nice find, and the couple of gold foil commons were good to get, but not much else of note except for one giant SPS chest.

I’m still up in the air on which league I like better. I do have some decent Wild cards, though not the array of max level original cards that I occasionally run into. Granted, I have the same problem in both leagues with the Riftwatcher’s set of cards. I did get up to Gold I in Wild on my main, and Silver I in both leagues on my alternate account, so I didn’t do too terribly in the scheme of things.

I didn’t really get to play much in Diamond though, having only made it in at the end of the season. My goal for this upcoming season is to try to get back there a bit earlier, and continue to work on figuring out what I’m doing with the upcoming land 1.5 release. I’ve picked up a few cheap max level reward cards, but if I move my Wild cards to land then I’m pretty much done playing in that league.

I also still need another half million DEC for staking monsters to the land that I own, and I’m not sure where I’m going to get that other than by selling stuff or burning SPS. Granted, that number might come down if I stake some under max level monsters, which would happen if I used older ones. I think the assertion that the CEO has been making about land using a high percentage of existing cards might be a bit overblown, as I doubt everyone is going to use max cards for every slot.

At any rate, that is it for this season. If you play, then I hope you had a good end of season! Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions or comments please post them below!

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