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My Splinterlands Blog #131 – Treading Water In Modern

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! As noted in my last couple of posts, I’ve moved over to try to play in Modern league, in hopes that the ban on bots will actually happen in that league. However, I’ve spent pretty much the entire first half of the season just hovering around the middle of Gold league, without really getting close to Diamond yet.

In terms of game updates this past week, the biggest change was a cleanup of what gets cleared when a monster dies and gets resurrected. Previously, reduced max health from Cripple would carry over, but it now gets restored to its original max health. Recharge also resets, so recharge monsters that were about to attack now have to wait another round again.

Aside from that, a new account security page was added that lets users change their own e-mail without needing to submit a support ticket, which is a nice change in my opinion. Some changes were also made to how the market loads cards so that it sends less extra data, but it should still function the same as far as users are concerned. The big Land 1.5 update is still pending, though that’s basically just going to be assigning monsters to farm SPS or Grain on land plots.

I have certainly identified some of the weaknesses in my Modern collection, though so far I haven’t really done anything to try to fix them. I should probably rent some cards, as they are fairly inexpensive right now, though I haven’t done that so far as I try to hoard my Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) for land. At any rate, let’s move on to the breakdown of the first week of this season.

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 962. Got Life Focus on my main account, getting Diamond chests from the last season. I received 2.694 Splintershard Tokens (SPS), 1355 (1299 + 56 Merits), 4 Imperial Knights (common monster), 5 Franz Ruffmane (rare summoner), and 2 gold foil Fungus Flingers (common monster)!

InvestYGator, my Silver league alternate account, got Death Focus. I got 1.721 (0.119 + 0.077 + 0.122 + 1.261 + 0.093 + 0.049) SPS, 3 Legendary potions, an Imperial Knight, a Swamp Spitter (common monster), 2 Madcap Magus (rare monster), and a Ravenhood Warden (rare monster).

Daily Quest # 963. Got Life Focus. I barely played the first day of the new season, resetting back to low Gold league, and just got 3 Gobson Bombers (common monster).

InvestYGator got Anti Melee Focus. Again, I barely played either account, so I just got 1 Legendary potion.

Daily Quest # 964. Got Exploits Focus. I received 145 (67 + 22 + 56) Merits, a Venari Marksrat (rare monster), 1 Chaos Legion pack, and a Frexian Hero (legendary monster)!

A nice start to the new season. First copy of this card on my main account.

InvestYGator got Stealth Focus. I got 0.182 (0.065 + 0.117) SPS, 24 Merits, 5 (2 + 1 + 1 + 1) Legendary potions, a Pyrewatch Devil (rare monster), and a gold foil Gobson Bomber!

Daily Quest # 965. Got Fire Focus. I received 0.424 + 2.582 SPS, 66 (33 + 33) Merits, and 4 gold foil Pembrook Nymphs (rare summoner).

InvestYGator got Earth Focus. I got 0.489 (0.129 + 0.29 + 0.07) SPS, 1 Legendary potion, 2 Terraceous Grunts (common monster), 3 (1 + 2) Possessed Puppets (common monster), 3 Imperial Knights, and an Iidri Frye (epic monster)!

Daily Quest # 966. Got Dragon Focus. I received 0.908 (0.326 + 0.582) SPS, 3 Fungus Flingers, 3 Wily Coyotian (common monster), 2 Venari Marksrats, and 5 Franz Ruffmane.

InvestYGator got Water Focus. I got 0.615 (0.12 + 0.075 + 0.42) SPS, a Swamp Spitter, 2 Wily Coyotian, a Ferox Defender (common monster), 2 Venari Marksrat, and 2 War Pegasus (rare monster).

Daily Quest # 967. Got Anti Magic Focus. I received 3.893 (2.535 + 1.358) SPS, 24 (10 + 9 + 5) Legendary potions, 123 Merits, and 2 Sorriel The Bale (legendary monster).

Also my first time getting this Legendary card on my main account. One more copy and I can level him up!

InvestYGator got Flying Focus. I got 0.162 (0.074 + 0.088) SPS, 24 Merits, 2 Gold potions, 6 Legendary potions (2 + 2 + 2) and 3 Coastal Sentry (common monster).

Daily Quest # 968. Got Defend Focus. I received 3.328 (2.832 + 0.496) SPS, 5 Legendary potions, 4 Drybone Barbarians (common monster), and a Madcap Magus.

InvestYGator got Life Focus. I got 1.063 (0.674 + 0.081 + 0.063 + 0.115 + 0.13) SPS, 8 Merits, 3 Legendary potions, 3 Terraceous Grunts, and 3 Firecallers (common monster).

A strong start to the season with a couple of Legendary cards hits. I also opened two more Chaos Legion packs, as I make my way through ones I’ve gotten as rewards. However, my bad luck with pack pulls has continued.

Both packs with just the single rare card and neither of them are summoners.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #149, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in 5th place, with one person failing to submit teams. Not a terrible placing considering that, and I feel we could have moved up at least one slot if they had gotten their matches in. Still no luck recruiting new members as of yet.



Vs. PHUHIEU of PHOENIX KINGS – opponent fled




I opened up one more Gladiator pack:

No gold foils for my brawl deck, but at least there were two rare cards!

The Rest:

No real trading per se, though I did buy some very cheap reward cards for use as eventual land workers. I should probably rent them out in the meantime, though it’s hard to say how long is left before land 1.5 will actually come out. I should also probably focus a bit more on cards that I will actually need for Modern, though the ones I do need are of course the more expensive ones.

I am also thinking of playing a bit in Wild to try to make sure I can stay in Gold league, or Silver for my alt, for the time being. I had been struggling to move up in that league as well. It may just be due to it being relatively early in the season. At least I’ve been lucky with some nice rewards this past week!

That’s about it for this mid-season update. Thank you for reading! If you have any comments or questions feel free to post them below!

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