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My Splinterlands Blog #128 – Action On Bots?

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! With the advent of player voting and player proposals, it felt like it was only a matter of time until someone proposed doing something about bots. That time has finally come, as one THEUKM has finally posted up a proposal requesting a human-only league.

This got modified to make Modern human only as an initial test, shifting all bots to Wild.

I manually play both of my accounts, with no battle assistants or tools, and have done so since I started playing. Bots have been a contentious issue since I started playing the game, though in the past year or two good bots have become much more prevalent, with multiple third parties offering botting services. But, the leaderboards have become mainly populated with botted accounts, not to mention tournaments and brawls.

I think just moving all bots to Wild is a bit of an odd choice, and think in the long term it might make more sense to offer human and bot Modern & Wild leagues, but I guess it depends how many players end up in each league. I am strongly considering moving over to Modern if this passes. I’ve been playing in Wild on both of my accounts and with land coming up, I do need to shift some cards over to being land workers.

No real updates to gameplay this past week. The season was fairly rough, at least for me. Here’s my breakdown of the last week of the season:

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 941. Got Earth Focus on my main account, playing in Gold league. I received 0.223 Splintershards (SPS), 16 (8 + 8) Legendary potions, a Possessed Puppet (common monster), and 6 Imperial Knights (common monster).

InvestYGator, my Silver league alternate account, got Water Focus. I got 0.328 (0.231 + 0.043 + 0.054) SPS, 2 (1 + 1) Legendary potions, 116 (84 + 12 + 8 + 12) Merits, a Venari Marksrat (rare monster), 2 Eternan Brune (rare summoner), and a Sorriel The Bale (legendary monster)!

A really solid Legendary monster! Magic is rarely the focus for fire, and double strike means he can do a ton of damage.

Daily Quest # 942. Got Stealth Focus. I received 0.841 (0.386 + 0.455) SPS, 201 Merits, and 5 Eternan Brune.

InvestYGator got Life Focus. I got 0.657 (0.515 + 0.059 + 0.083) SPS, 3 (2 + 1) Legendary potions, 3 Terraceous Grunts (common monster), 3 Dumacke Orcs (common monster), and 4 (3 + 1) Swamp Spitters (common monster).

Daily Quest # 943. Got Dragon Focus. I received 1.418 (1.213 + 0.205) SPS, 7 Possessed Puppet, 7 Firecaller (common monster), and a gold foil Ferox Defender (common monster).

InvestYGator got Stealth Focus. I got 0.244 (0.09 + 0.076 + 0.038 + 0.04) SPS, 2 Gold potion, 2 (1 + 1) Legendary potions, a Gobson Bomber (common monster), an Imperial Knight, and a Terraceous Grunt.

Daily Quest # 944. Got Stealth Focus. I received 2.423 (0.308 + 2.115) SPS, 67 Merits, 6 Legendary potions, 3 Fungus Flingers (common monster), 3 Coastal Sentry (common monster), and an Iidri Fyre (epic monster)!

InvestYGator got Earth Focus. I got 0.202 (0.106 + 0.096) SPS, 8 Merits, 3 Gold potions, 3 (2 + 1) Legendary potions, a Coastal Sentry, 3 Terraceous Grunts, 2 Madcap Magus (rare monster), a Pyrewatch Devil (rare monster), an Eternan Brune, and a Thane Newsong (epic monster)!

Daily Quest # 945. Got Fire Focus. I received 20.517 (8.059 + 11.417 + 0.257 + 0.345 + 0.439) SPS, 66 (22 + 44) Merits, 6 Terraceous Grunts, and 7 Drybone Barbarians (common monster).

InvestYGator got Water Focus. I got 0.180 (0.096 + 0.084) SPS, 88 (24 + 12 + 16 + 36) Merits, 8 (3 + 2 + 3) Legendary potions, 2 Gold potions, 2 Fungus Flingers, and 2 Drybone Barbarians.

Daily Quest # 946. Got Earth Focus. I received 0.58 (0.41 + 0.17) SPS, 201 (179 + 22) Merits, 5 Legendary potions, 8 Gold potions, and 7 Wily Coyotians (common monster).

InvestYGator got Death Focus. I got 7.791 (0.308 + 0.117 + 6.543 + 0.428 + 0.395) SPS, 3 (1 + 2 Gold) potions, 4 (2 + 2) Legendary potions, 2 Fungus Flingers, an Imperial Knight, and 2 War Pegasus (rare monster).

Daily Quest # 947. Got Anti Melee Focus. I received 2.881 (1.861 + 0.197 + 0.472 + 0.351) SPS, 368 (224 + 33 + 67 + 22 + 22) Merits, and 36 (11 + 10 + 7 + 8) Gold potions.

InvestYGator got Fire Focus. I got 0.152 (0.055 + 0.097) SPS, 76 Merits, 9 (3 + 2 + 2 + 2) Legendary potions, 5 (3 + 2) Gold potions, a Swamp Spitter, and a gold foil Fungus Flinger.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #145, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in 4th to last place. Half a dozen people got kicked for inactivity, so we’ll see if we can replace them with some active players.




Vs. EJGG80 of AVALON – opponent fled



I opened another Gladiator pack:

An average pack, with no gold foils for my Brawl deck.

The Rest:

No real tournaments or trading. Other than that, it was a tough ranked season. I managed to limp into Diamond III at the end of the season on my main. I still did okay on my Silver league account, and jumped up to gold at the end of season for better chest quality.

Other than a couple of decent SPS chests, not a lot of note on my InvestYGator account out of the Gold league chests.
On my main account, I pulled two Chaos Legion packs, one epic, and one large SPS chest of note from my Diamond chests.

There’s still a few days left on voting at the time of this writing, but I’m thinking that I should probably try to play up to a higher league in Modern. I’m still in Novice on both my accounts, and I expect I can probably get out of Bronze with relative ease since I have Untamed cards. Have to try on that front to see how it works out.

At any rate, that’s my season wrap up. No gold or legendary cards out of the season chests, which was a little disappointing, but at least I got a couple of packs. I hope that you had a good season if you play, and I’ll be back next week with an update on how the vote turns out!

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