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My Splinterlands Blog #121 – Ranked Updates & Season Rentals

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! It seems like I’m a bit behind, as these updates came out right after the last end of season, which was a week ago at the time of this writing. Season rentals are the shorter one to explain, in that it lets people set-up cards that will rent out for an entire season, which are paid for up front, and can’t be cancelled early.

The Ranked changes are mainly a reduction in how far you will fall at the end of season. Previously it would be a full rank, but going forward it is now 2 sub-leagues – i.e., you would drop from Gold I to Gold III instead of back to Silver I. Players will also no longer fall back to Novice league once they have gotten out of it.

The Champion leagues were also reduced in how many points there were between each sub-league, but that doesn’t really impact me. The final relevant change was that mana caps were smoothed out a bit, so now there’s a more even chance of getting any mana value instead of certain ranges being more likely to come up. There’s an official post covering the full changes here.

The first half of this season has seemed a bit slow to me, with a lot of my reward chests having small amounts of Splintershards (SPS), instead of new reward cards. Though, that might just be the last couple of days of rewards looming larger in my mind as I write this up. Let’s take a look at my breakdown of the past week to see how I actually did:

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 891. Got Anti Melee Focus and still getting Diamond chests on my main account from the end of last season. I received 0.713 SPS, 179 (67 + 112) Merits, 39 (22 + 17) Legendary potions, and a Chaos Legion pack!

InvestYGator, my silver League alternate account, got Earth Focus. I got 0.227 (0.074 + 0.034 + 0.059 + 0.029 + 0.031) SPS, 3 Legendary potions, 7 (2 + 2 + 3) Gold potions, a Pyrewatch Devil (rare monster), 2 Octavia Shadowmeld (rare summoner), and a Will-O-Wisp (epic monster)!

One of the few new summoners that is not obviously an animal hybrid.

Daily Quest # 892. Got Flying Focus and back to Gold league chests. I got 1.231 (0.95 + 0.281) SPS, 22 Merits, 6 Terraceous Grunts (common monster), and 5 Firecallers (common monster).

InvestYGator got Defend Focus. I received 0.275 (0.051 + 0.051 + 0.046 + 0.045 + 0.082) SPS, 1 Gold potion, 1 Legendary potions, a Terraceous Grunt, a Ravenhood Warden (rare monster), and Ava The Undaunted (legendary monster)!

An interesting Legendary card. Ranged hasn’t always been that great with Earth, but the Riftwatcher summoner, Fernhart, has made it a more viable option.

Daily Quest # 893. Got Death Focus. I got 28.321 (28.115 + 0.206) SPS and 10 Legendary potions.

InvestYGator got Water Focus. I received 0.659 (0.337 + 0.157 + 0.165) SPS, 3 (2 + 1) Gold potions, 2 Legendary potions, 7 Merits, 3 Coastal Sentry (common monster), 3 Imperial Knights (common monster), 2 Eternan Brune (rare summoner), and a Thane Newsong (epic monster).

Another interesting Earth card. His abilities seem pretty good, but it’s often hard to justify adding a 5 mana monster, with no attack, into a slot.

Daily Quest # 894. Got Flying Focus. I got 20 (12 + 8) Legendary potions, 12 (7 + 5) Ferox Defenders, 7 Dumacke Orcs (common monster), 3 Madcap Magus (rare monster), 5 gold foil Riverboat Captains (rare monster), and 2 Berix Snakeye (legendary monster)!

For a legendary card, he doesn’t seem that great to me. He might have some niche uses, especially in the new Modern format once Untamed cycles out later this year.

InvestYGator got Disable Focus. I got 1.146 (0.396 + 0.062 + 0.05 + 0.06 + 0.351 + 0.029 + 0.198) SPS, 3 Legendary potions, 4 (2 + 2) Gold potions, a Wily Coyotian (common monster), and 2 Terraceous Grunts.

Daily Quest # 895. Got Exploits Focus. I received 0.274 SPS, 123 (56 + 67) Merits, 5 Riverboat Captains, and 2 gold foil Terraceous Grunts.

InvestYGator got Flying Focus. I got 0.261 (0.164 + 0.027 + 0.07) SPS, 7 Merits, 7 (3 + 3 + 1) Legendary potions, 1 Gold potion, a Swamp Spitter (common monster), 2 Imperial Knights, and a War Pegasus (rare monster).

Daily Quest # 896. Got Exploits Focus. I received 0.664 (0.324 + 0.136 + 0.204) SPS, 22 Merits, 8 Legendary potions, and 15 (10 + 5) Gold potions.

InvestYGator got Flying Focus. I got 1.024 (0.381 + 0.071 + 0.053 + 0.197 + 0.322) SPS, 21 Merits, 1 Gold potions, 6 (2 + 1 + 3) Legendary potions, Possessed Puppet (common monster), and 2 Gobson Bombers (common monster).

Daily Quest # 897. Got Anti-Melee Focus. I received 2.177 (0.191 + 1.986) SPS, 2 (1 + 1) Ferox Defenders, 6 Swamp Spitters, and 4 Lobb Lowland (rare summoner).

InvestYGator got Flying Focus. I got 0.325 (0.075 + 0.033 + 0.031 + 0.07 + 0.071 + 0.045) SPS, 2 Legendary potions, 7 (3 + 1 + 3) Gold potions, and 2 Firecallers.

I did open the one Chaos Legion pack that I got this week:

Always nice to pull an epic, instead of the rare.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #135, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in 5th place this week, which is slightly better than we’ve been doing of late.



Vs. KEIYOSHI of CRYPTOMONKEYS – opponent fled


I also opened one Gladiator pack:

Two rares again, which is nice, although no gold foil gladiators once again.

The Rest:

No tournaments, as usual, but I did finally get around to listing a few of my extra cards for rent. There’s going to be a listing fee added next patch, which has probably happened by the time this gets posted. To avoid paying, I tried to get some card listed before that happened. I may pull them back down when we find out what we need for monsters working on land.

It was said on a recent Town Hall broadcast from the Splinterlands team that a new Land document would be coming out soon, with more details on how everything land related is going to work. As the holder of a small number of plots, I’m looking forward to finding out more about how land will actually function. It seems that the idea of needing a summoner for each plot was walked back, so now I may only need several monsters to assign to them.

Either way, we’ll see when the document gets posted! For now, that’s about it for this mid-season update. Thank you for reading and I’ll be back next time with the season wrap up!

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