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My Splinterlands Blog #117 – New Reward Cards & 100 Packs

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! The first week of this new season, with the new account bound reward cards, has now passed. All of the prior reward cards no longer drop, even if they hadn’t hit their initial target print runs.

It feels like I’ve gotten fewer of the new cards on my main account, in Gold League, though that may also be due to getting fewer chests per day. The new cards are also much more playable in Silver league with fewer copies, so I’ve been getting a bit more use out of them on my InvestYGator alternate account. The new cards do seem fairly strong, though sometimes only in niche situations.

Astral Entity, the second to last Chaos Legion Legendary summoner card, also came out at the start of this season. I got my one copy air dropped from my previous purchase of Chaos Legion packs. I could theoretically get more, but only got the set minimum amount.

It seems like a strong summoner for matches where Magic is not available.

I’m not going to give my thoughts on all of the new cards right way, but will comment on a few that I’ve gotten so far. To start off, here’s the breakdown of the past week:

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 864. Got Buffs Focus on my main account playing in Gold League. I received 4.386 (0.927 + 1.644 + 1.815) SPS, 67 Merits, 17 Legendary potions, and 2 gold foil Ferox Defenders (common monster)!

A very on-brand Fire card, with a hefty dose of melee defense, repair, and shatter at high level.

InvestYGator got Flying Focus. I got 0.137 (0.068 + 0.069) SPS, 14 Merits, 1 Gold potion, 3 Legendary potions, a Coastal Sentry (common monster), 2 Terraceous Grunts (common monster), and a gold foil Gobson Bomber (common monster)!

A bit of an odd card, as most Recharge ones tend to be. The Camouflage may help it stay alive, but I don’t think this will see a lot of play.

Daily Quest # 865. Got Death Focus. I received 0.384 SPS and 5 Fungus Flingers (common monster).

An interesting card with the new Martyr ability. When it dies, the surrounding monsters get +1 to all stats.

InvestYGator got Water Focus. I got 0.088 (0.05 + 0.038) SPS, 7 Merits, 4 (2 + 2) Legendary potions, and a Helois Matriarch (rare summoner).

The new Dragon summoner is very useful, being able to summon a Gladiator card and a +1 speed buff.

Daily Quest # 866. Got Water Focus. I received 1.019 (0.53 + 0.489) SPS, 44 Merits, 14 (10 + 4) Legendary potions, 8 Gold potions, and 2 Imperial Knights (common monster).

InvestYGator got Death Focus. I got 0.058 SPS, 14 Merits, 7 (3 + 1 + 3) Gold potions, 2 Terraceous Grunts, 2 Fungus Flingers, a gold foil Possessed Puppet (common monster), and a gold foil Terraceous Grunt!

A useful card for rule sets where monsters can attack from any spot.

Daily Quest # 867. Got Life Focus. I received 0.712 (0.219 + 0.493) SPS, 22 (10 + 12) Legendary potions, 10 (5 + 5) Gold potions, and 3 Gobson Bombers.

InvestYGator got Water Focus. I got 0.658 (0.09 + 0.061 + 0.465 + 0.042) SPS, 3 Legendary potions, and 4 (1 + 1 + 2) Gold potions.

Daily Quest # 868. Got Water Focus. I received 5.453 SPS, 19 (7 + 12) Gold potions, 5 Venari Marksrats (rare monster), and a Chaos Legion pack!

This seems like it may be an interesting card to drop in for Sniper rule sets – where you expect it to immediately die and buff the surrounding 2 monsters.

InvestYGator got Exploits Focus. I got 0.854 (0.04 + 0.068 + 0.694 + 0.052) SPS, 10 Merits, 2 Gold potions, 3 Legendary potions, 3 Gobson Bombers, a Will-O-Wisp (epic monster), and a Musa Saline (legendary monster)!

Nice to get a Legendary in the first week! Seems like a bit of a niche card for low manna matches or Little League rules set.

Daily Quest # 869. Got Life Focus. I received 10 Legendary potions, 12 Gold potions 145 (33 + 112) Merits, 3 Imperial Knights, and 2 gold foil Drybone Barbarians (common monster).

A great card, pretty much in general. Really strong melee and a great set of abilities to deal lots of damage, plus high health.

InvestYGator got Fire Focus. I got 0.225 (0.075 + 0.069 + 0.047 + 0.034) SPS, 1 Gold potion, 4 (3 + 1) Legendary potions, 3 Drybone Barbarian, 2 Terraceous Grunt, 3 Ferox Defender, and 3 Coastal Sentry.

A great card with Possibilus, The Wise, or in rule sets where melee monsters can attack from any position.

Daily Quest # 870. Got Life Focus. I received 0.337 SPS, 19 Gold potions, 28 (7 + 12 + 9) Legendary potions, and 3 Drybone Barbarians.

InvestYGator got Disable Focus. I got 0.670 (0.348 + 0.054 + 0.268) SPS, 39 (7 + 14 + 18) Merits, 5 (2 + 1 + 2) Legendary potions, and 3 Dumacke Orcs (common monster).

A card that’s probably only useful when the rule sets prohibit magic or give all creatures the same health.

It certainly does appear that I got a lot more cards on my Silver account this past week. Helios Matriarch has been fun to play with, even at level 1. However, it is a bit odd having to rely completely on random luck to get more cards.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #129, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in third from last place once again.


Vs. JUAN22P of YGG ROSTERS – opponent fled.





Guild Brawl #130, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in fourth place this time around! Though, with little help from me.




I opened up one more Gladiator pack:

Nothing of particular note here.

The Rest:

While this has already been a longer article than usual, I also opened another 100 packs with the release of the new Chaos Legion summoner! Here’s what I got:

Almost all of the summoners were in this first section. Sadly only one Obsidian out of 500 cards. A pair of General Sloans and Thaddius Broods also seem a little low. At least I got a lot more copies of Kelya!
The Legendary heavy section. Nice to get an extra Possibilus.
A Djinn Muirat and 5 copies of Tarsa are nice finds here.
No gold foil Legendary cards, but a bunch of gold foils in general. Not a terrible set of cards, though I’m still quite a ways away from having enough for a max copy of any just from packs.

Only one more Legendary summoner left for Chaos Legion, which will be the second Dragon summoner. I expect it will be here around the end of this month. So far, they’ve been a lot better balanced than their Untamed counterparts, like Yodin or Byzantine Kitty.

The new reward cards are interesting to get, but I feel like it’s going to be a long time until I get enough copies to have them leveled to play in Gold league, let alone Diamond. At any rate, that’s more than enough news for one week! I’ll be back next time with the season wrap up!

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