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My Splinterlands Blog #115 – Last Season For Current Rewards

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! There was an official announcement about the upcoming changes for account bound reward cards. The new set of reward cards will effectively be a full set of 43 cards – complete with a full set of new summoners.

To briefly summarize the changes: Three new abilities will be introduced in this set as well, Conscript, which lets you summon one additional Gladiator card; Martry, which gives adjacent monsters +1 to all stats when the monster with this ability dies; and Weapons Training, which gives adjacent monsters with no attack the same attack as the card with this ability. Along with this change, which will allow Gladiator cards to potentially be used in ranked matches, there is going to be a nerf to the Bloodlust ability, in that it is now removed by Dispel. Finally, you can get multiple copies of monsters from reward chests, similar to potions, and potions will now be used when opening reward chests.

It was noted that these cards will be able to become tradable after the print run for them ends, though there may be a Dark Energy Crystal cost to make them tradable. Not a lot of other changes since my last article, just future updates that should be out at the end of this month. So, let’s move on to the regular coverage of this past week:

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 849. Got Fire Focus and these were Diamond Chests, as I had ended the past season in Diamond III. I received 7.023 (2.806 + 1.126 + 3.091) Splintershards (SPS) and 13 Gold potions.

InvestYGator, my Silver league alternate account, got Stealth Focus. I got 1.856 (0.32 + 0.083 + 1.363 + 0.09) SPS, 4 (1 + 3) Legendary potions, 83 (19 + 64 Merits), and an Ever-Hungry Skull.

Daily Quest # 850. Got Fire Focus and back to Gold chests. I received 0.578 SPS, 67 Merits, 8 Gold potions, and 8 Legendary potions.

InvestYGator got Stealth Focus. I got 0.237 SPS, 5 (3 + 2) Gold potions, 1 Legendary potion, and an Exploding Rats.

Daily Quest # 851. Got Flying Focus. I received 0.302 SPS, 22 Merits, a Merdhampir, and a Dhampir Infiltrator.

InvestYGator got Fire Focus. I got 0.252 (0.224 + 0.028) SPS, 9 Merits, a Blood Maker, an Ever-Hungry Skull, and a gold foil Merdhampir!

Daily Quest # 852. Got Flying Focus. I received 2.449 (2.015 + 0.434) SPS, an Ever-Hungry Skull, and an Exploding Rats.

InvestYGator got Anti Melee Focus. I got 0.205 (0.072 + 0.084 + 0.049) SPS, 31 (19 + 12) Merits, 9 (3 + 3 + 3) Gold potions, a Vampire Bat, an Ever-Hungry Skull, and a Venari Wavesmith.

Daily Quest # 853. Got Defend Focus. I received 0.333 SPS, 2 Ever-Hungry Skulls, and a Chaos Legion pack!

InvestYGator got Exploits Focus. I got 0.586 (0.062 + 0.058 + 0.295 + 0.03 + 0.058 + 0.083) SPS, 2 (1 + 1) Gold potions, a Blood Maker, and a Vulguine.

Daily Quest # 854. Got Earth Focus. I received 3.047 (0.422 + 0.413 + 2.212) SPS, 11 (6 + 5), Legendary potions, a Vampire Bat, and a gold foil Blood Maker!

InvestYGator got Defend Focus. I got 0.297 (0.241 + 0.056) SPS, 3 Legendary potions, 2 (1 + 1) Gold potions, a Vampire Bat, 2 Merdhampir, and a Djinn Renova.

Daily Quest # 855. Got Earth Focus. I received 0.608 (0.337 + 0.271) SPS, 8 Gold potions, 4 Legendary potions, and a Vampiric Blossom.

InvestYGator got Defend Focus. I got 2.025 (0.04 + 0.406 + .0967 + 0.182 + 0.43) SPS, 56 (46 + 10) Merits, 3 Legendary potions, 1 Gold potions, a Vampire Bat, and a Merdhampir.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #127, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in 2nd to last place, as once again several people failed to submit teams or just sign up for brawls in general. A lot of people seem to have checked out of playing the game.









I opened one new Gladiator pack this week:

A really great pack, except none of the cards are gold foils.

The Rest:

No tournaments, as usual, though I did pick up a max level Possibilus The Wise to finally get a max level Water summoner. Should be a fun summoner to play with, though I may also need to level up some more melee Water monsters. I am also looking at maxing out some of the old reward cards before they go out of print.

My goal for the season is pretty much the same as usual, farm up more rewards. Reward cards are actually nice to find with them about to go out of print. I should probably try to sell or trade some of my extra cards when they go out of print, though I’m usually pretty bad about doing that.

That’s about it for this week. If you made it this far, thank you for reading! I’ll be back next week with the wrap up of this final season for tradable reward cards!

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