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My Splinterlands Blog #111 – The Holiday Season 2022

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! We’re halfway through the last season of the year, and the team is basically on holiday until next year. Well, no real updates are planned until January, though people are still working sporadically around the holidays. At any rate, hopefully we’ll see a big update at the start of 2023.

To call back to my last article, I did find my screenshots of the 100 Chaos Legion packs I had opened – they were on my laptop instead of my PC. I’ll add them on at the end here, but for now here’s how the season has been so far:

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 819. Got Water Focus and got my one Diamond chest after resetting back into Gold league, which had 2.432 Splintershards (SPS).

InvestYGator, my Silver League alternate account, got Healing Focus. I got 0.586 (0.441 + 0.089 + 0.056) SPS, 3 Legendary potions, a Venari Heatsmith, and a Blood Maker.

Daily Quest # 820. Got Disable Focus. I received 0.231 SPS and 5 Legendary potions.

InvestYGator got Life Focus. I got 0.546 (0.455 + 0.091) SPS, 51 Merits, and a Gold potion.

Daily Quest # 821. Got Water Focus. I received 1.018 (0.557 + 0.461) SPS, 89 (33 + 56) Merits, a Pelacor Bandit, and a Twilight Basilisk.

InvestYGator got Defend Focus. I got 1.398 (0.06 + 0.044 + 0.063 + 1.231) SPS, 79 (9 + 70) Merits, 1 Legendary potion, a Gargoya Lion, and a Merdhampir.

Daily Quest # 822. Got Fire Focus. I received 0.504 SPS, 10 Legendary potions, a Blood Maker, a Merdhampir, a Gargoya Devil, and a Vampiric Blossom.

InvestYGator got Water Focus. I got 0.394 (0.06 + 0.082 + 0.252) SPS, 2 Legendary potions, 3 Gold potions, a Pelacor Deceiver, and a Gargoya Devil.

Daily Quest # 823. Got Fire Focus. I received 1.44 (0.444 + 0.996) SPS, 9 Legendary potions, a Blood Maker, and a Venari Crystalsmith.

InvestYGator got Flying Focus. I got 0.932 (0.043 + 0.307 + 0.077 + 0.454 + 0.051) SPS, 12 (6 + 6) Merits, 2 Legendary potions, and 3 Gold potions.

Daily Quest # 824. Got Earth Focus. I received 0.291 SPS, 23 (8 + 9 + 6) Legendary potions, a Pelacor Mercenary, a Pelacor Conjurer, and 2 Pelacor Bandits.

InvestYGator got Fire Focus. I got 0.235 (0.089 + 0.09 + 0.056) SPS, 16 Merits, 10 (3 + 3 + 2 + 2) Gold potions, a Blood Maker, and a Vampire Bat.

Daily Quest # 825. Got Dragon Focus. I received 3.837 (0.522 + 2.781 + 0.534) SPS, 9 Legendary potions, a Merdhampir, and a Vampire Bat.

InvestYGator got Exploits Focus. I got 4 (1 + 3) Legendary potions, 16 Merits, 6 (3 + 3) Gold potions, a Pelacor Conjurer, a Merdhampir, a Pelacor Bandit, a Venari Seedsmith, and a Dhampir Infiltrator.

All in all, a pretty tame week for rewards.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #121, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. While I personally had a pretty good run, the guild overall came in 6th place. Not as good as last week, but at least we were in the middle of the pack instead of near last place.




Vs. SAACHI of IMMORTAL GODS 2 – failed to submit a team.



I also opened one Gladiator pack:

Nice triple rare cards, but as usual no gold foil cards for my league.

The Rest:

No real tournaments or trading to speak of, as usual. But, as mentioned earlier, here are the 100 Chaos Legion packs that I had opened last week, after the release of Possibilus The Wise:

Nothing too crazy here. Nice to get four Earth summoners and a couple more Fire summoners, as well as a gold foil Flying Squid.
The incredibly rare appearance of a gold foil Legendary! Also, a pretty good one for high mana matches. This is a ridiculously good section of cards, with two other Legendary monsters, a gold foil epic, and a handful of gold foil commons and rares.
A decent section, though not as crazy as the last one. Two more Legendary cards, though Zyvax Vuul isn’t well liked. Five more Water summoners and some more gold foil cards are nice finds as well.
Another solid section of cards, with seven Life summoners, six Death summoners, and one more Legendary monster. The gold foil Kelya is a great find, as well as a high density of epic of gold foil cards.
I accidentally copied the third to last row, so no more Legendary cards here. But. this tail end is probably the least notable section of cards.

For upcoming items of note, we should get the Chaos Legion earth summoner release sometime after the end of this season, so early next year. They haven’t released his stats yet, but the artwork was previously teased. I should get 1 copy from my initial pack pool participation, but maybe I’ll get lucky and snag a second during the air drop.

Immortalis, the Chaos Legion legendary Earth summoner.

And, that’s about it for this week. Thank you for reading. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I’ll be back next week with an end of season wrap up!

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