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My Splinterlands Blog #109 – When November Ends The Burning Begins

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! With the end of the November season, it is the beginning of the end for Chaos Legion packs in the store. A proposal had passed to start burning 25,000 of the remaining supply in the store each day beginning in December to accelerate the end of the set.

To get actual sales, the team is also holding an end of year pack sale. For every pack purchased from the store, you will get a promotional card – the details of which have yet to be released. You also won’t get them until around Christmas time, at least per my understanding. There are also bonuses for large dollar value purchases, like free potions or guild hall levels.

The big update for the game itself is the addition of the non-card market. This lets players resell packs, totems, land, or titles inside the game. You could do this on the Hive Engine market, but this does add the ability to buy these items with Credits, giving people a much easier way to buy items with Paypal (or, fiat).

I did finish my one of every pack collection recently, which is probably not legible on this screenshot.

Someone claiming to be the person running one of the larger bot networks also said that they would be winding down their operation after all of the changes rolled out recently nerfing lower level rewards. That and the price of reward cards are down to where the commons are under a penny and even some rare cardss are around one cent. It will be interesting to see what impact, if any, this has on the game – if this is indeed even the real person running this network.

For myself, the decrease in reward points for playing under-leveled cards seems to have impacted the number of reward chests I ended up with this season. Though, it could also be that I’m just not winning as much either, since a lot more people in Gold and Diamond seem to have higher leveled cards nowadays. Speaking of which, let’s get over to the breakdown of the last half of the season:

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 797. Got Exploits Focus playing on my main account in Gold league. I received 0.188 Splintershards (SPS), 246 (22 + 224) Merits, 9 Legendary potions, and a Chaos Legion pack!

InvestYGator, my Silver league account, got Healing Focus. I got 0.844 (0.317 + 0.029 + 0.158 + 0.265 + 0.036 + 0.039) SPS, 1 Gold potion, a Merdhampir (common monster), a Venari Seedsmith (rare monster), and a gold foil Gargoya Lion (common monster)!

Daily Quest # 798. Got Defend Focus. I received 0.413 SPS, 2 Pelacor Bandits (common monster), a Pelacor Conjurer (common monster), a Pelacor Mercenary (common monster), and a Chaos Legion pack!

InvestYGator got Fire Focus. I got 0.418 (0.321 + 0.058 + 0.039) SPS, 2 (1 + 1) Gold potions, 3 Legendary potions, 25 (16 + 9) Merits, a Blood Maker (common monster), an Ever-Hungry Skull (common monster), and a Gargoya Devil (rare monster).

Daily Quest # 799. Got Disable Focus. I received 3.066 (0.331 + 2.735) SPS, 32 (11 + 10 + 11) Gold potions, a Venari Heatsmith (common monster), a Gargoya Devil, and a Naga Assassin (rare monster).

InvestYGator got Stealth Focus. I got 0.797 (0.733 + 0.031 + 0.033) SPS, 2 Gold potions, 66 (12 + 54) Merits, 7 (3 + 1 + 3) Legendary potions, and Ever-Hungry Skull, a Pelacor Bandit, and a gold foil Gargoya Lion.

Daily Quest # 800. Got Anti Magic Focus. I earned 1.640 (0.366 + 0.293 + 0.47 + 0.511) SPS, 67 Merits, 12 Legendary potions, 2 Vampire Bats (common monster), a Pelacor Mercenary, an Exploding Rats (rare monster), a Venari Bonesmith (rare monster), a gold foil Pelacor Mercenary, and a gold foil Pelacor Conjurer.

InvestYGator got Flying Focus. I got 0.160 (0.026 + 0.034 + 0.035 + 0.065) SPS, 3 Legendary potions, 12 Merits, 7 (3 + 2 + 2) Gold potions, an Ever-Hungry Skull, and a Blood Maker.

Daily Quest # 801. Got Life Focus. I received 0.231 SPS, 22 (11 + 11) Legendary potions, 4 Gold potions, 123 Merits, a Pelacor Mercenary, and a Blood Maker.

InvestYGator got Defend Focus. I got 0.405 (0.031 + 0.325 + 0.049) SPS, 2 Legendary potions, 1 Gold potion, 222 (44 + 150 + 19 + 9) Merits, an Ever-Hungry Skull, a Vulguine (rare monster), a Venari Seedsmith, and an Exploding Rats.

Daily Quest # 802. Got Life Focus. I received 3.702 (2.476 + 1.226) SPS and a Pelacor Bandit from Diamond chests after finally making it back to Diamond III.

InvestYGator got Defend Focus. I got 0.585 (0.072 + 0.034 + 0.064 + 0.065 + 0.35) SPS, 2 Legendary potions, a Gold potion, 12 Merits, a Pelacor Conjurer, an Ever-Hungry Skull, and a Merdhampir.

Daily Quest # 803. Got Defend Focus. I received 2.334 SPS, 27 (18 + 9) Legendary potions, a Pelacor Deceiver, and a Venari Crystalsmith (rare monster).

InvestYGator got Explots Focus. I got 0.156 SPS, 2 Gold potions, 25 (6 + 19) Merits, a Pealcor Bandit, a Pelacor Deceiver, a Pelacor Conjurer, a Merdhampir, a Dhampir Infiltrator (rare monster), a Vulguine, a Venari Crystalsmith, and a Djinn Chwala (epic monster)!

I opened another 20 Riftwatchers packs, getting a nice collection of gold and Legendary cards.

A really nice haul with 4 Legendary cards, a gold foil summoner, and multiple gold foil rare monsters.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #116, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. Another lackluster performance where the guild came in last place, with multiple people not submitting teams.



Vs. BBR-SCHOLAR of THE SHADOWWALKERS – failed to submit a team






Guild Brawl #117, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. A slight step up, although any movement is going to be up coming from last place. The guild managed to come in 3rd from last this time.





I also opened two more Gladiator packs, after noticing I had accumulated enough merits.

Nice to get a Legendary card, but not useful for my gold foil battles.
Three rare cards, but again no gold foils.

The Rest:

I picked up one more copy of Venari Wavesmith to level mine up to 7. I only need another 30 copies to finish getting it up to max level, which I should probably just get since they’re selling for less than 2 cents. But, no real tournament play us usual.

The season also ended as usual, with my alt jumping up to Gold III and my main jumping up to Diamond III. I was hoping to get up to Diamond II, but didn’t get there before the end of the season. It felt like I got fewer chests this time around, but here they are:

One Chaos Legion pack and two epic cards of note for my InvestYGator account.
Another Chaos Legion pack and a legendary card on my main. Plus, a lot more potions and SPS than on my alt.

Overall, not a bad set of rewards for this season. As I said earlier, I felt like I got fewer chests than before. But, I did get lucky and snagged a few packs. The plan for the next season is pretty much the same, just try to grind out more rewards and try to get back into Diamond on my main.

That’s about it for this season wrap up. If you made it this far, thank you for reading. And, I’ll be back in about a week with the first update on the December season.

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