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My Splinterlands Blog #107 – Another Season Bites The Dust

Welcome to another article where I write about my journey playing Splinterlands! It has been a fairly quiet week, with most of the big things happening after the end of this season, such as Lux Vega finally going on sale several weeks after Splinterfest. The biggest news from the past week was probably the rollout of phase one of Tech Modernization, replacing the login with a newer, seemingly slower, one.

The new login screen, in all its glory.

I’ll cover updates that happened after this season next week. This week, let’s just focus on what happened during the first half of the November 2022 season, starting off with the breakdown of the past week:

Daily Quest Rewards:

Daily Quest # 783. Got Earth Focus playing in Gold league on my main account. I received 0.5 Splintershards (SPS), 5 Legendary potions, 16 (9 + 7) Gold potions, 2 Gargoya Lions (common monster), a Merdhampir (common monster), and a Venari Seedsmith (rare monster).

InvestYGator, my alternate account playing in Silver league, got Disable Focus. I got 0.252 (0.052 + 0.081 + 0.047 + 0.072) SPS, 3 Gold potions, 2 Legendary potions, 85 (57 + 9 + 19) Merits, and a Gargoya Lion.

Daily Quest # 784. Got Life Focus. I received 11.796 (0.459 + 0.279 + 0.943 + 1.44 + 0.206 + 8.469) SPS, 19 (9 + 10) Gold potions, 5 Legendary potions, a Vampire Bat (common monster), and a Twilight Basilisk (rare monster).

InvestYGator got Exploits Focus. I got 0.693 (0.265 + 0.045 + 0.383) SPS, 12 Merits, 5 (1 + 2 + 2) Legendary potions, 5 (2 + 3) Gold potions, a Venari Heatsmith (common monster), a Blood Maker (common monster), and a Dhampir Infiltrator (rare monster).

Daily Quest # 785. Got Any Melee Focus. I received 0.871 (0.492 + 0.379) SPS, 67 Merits, 8 Gold potions, a Venari Heatsmith, a Pelacor Deceiver (common monster), and a Jared Scar (legendary monster)!

One of the few non-Gladiator cards with Bloodlust. He also gets True Strike at level 2 and Piercing at level 3.

InvestYGator got Anti Magic Focus. I got 0.187 (0.033 + 0.058 + 0.051 + 0.045) SPS, 3 Legendary potions, 1 Gold potions, 6 Merits, 2 Pelacor Bandits (common monster), a Pelacor Conjurer (common monster), a Blood Maker, and a gold foil Pelacor Mercenary (common monster)!

Daily Quest # 786. Got Exploits Focus. I received 0.326 SPS, a Vampire Bat, a Blood Maker, an Ever-Hungry Skull (common monster), a Vulguine (rare monster), a Venari Wavesmith (rare monster), and a Dhampir Infiltrator.

InvestYGator got Healing Focus. I received 0.549 (0.041 + 0.393 + 0.039 + 0.076) SPS, 2 Gold potions, 6 (3 + 3) Legendary potions, 73 (16 + 57) Merits, a Merdhampir, a Pelacor Mercenary, and a Dhampir Infiltrator.

Daily Quest # 787. Got Life Focus. I got 0.404 SPS, 313 (246 + 67) Merits, 7 Legendary potions, and a Vampire Bat.

InvestYGator got Anti Melee Focus. I received 0.140 (0.037 + 0.049 + 0.054) SPS, 4 (2 + 2) Legendary potions, 6 (2 + 1 + 3) Gold potions, a Pealcor Conjurer, a Venari Heatsmith, and a Blood Maker.

Daily Quest # 788. Got Healing Focus. I got 56.130 (48.141 + 7.757 + 0.232) SPS, 480 (56 + 235 + 67 + 33 + 89) Merits, and a Blood Maker.

InvestYGator got Anti Melee Focus. I received 0.186 (0.063 + 0.072 + 0.051) SPS, 31 (16 + 9 + 6) Merits, 5 (2 + 3) Legendary potions, 5 (2 + 3) Gold potions, a Pelacor Conjurer, and a Pelacor Deceiver.

Daily Quest # 789. Got Disable Focus. I got 7.618 (0.535 + 1.718 + 2.341 + 0.423 + 2.601) SPS, 89 (33 + 56) Merits, 14 (8 + 6) Gold potions, a Blood Maker, a Venari Crystal Smith (rare monster, a Venator Kinjo (legendary monster), and a Chaos Legion pack!

InvestYGator got Dragon Focus. I received 0.563 (0.043 + 0.061 + 0.184 + 0.054 + 0.195 + 0.026) SPS, 12 Merits, a Merdhampir, a Venari Heatsmith, and a Twilight Basilisk.

To celebrate the first air drop card for Riftwatcher’s being released last week, I opened up 20 packs to see if I could find one:

A couple of summoners and another copy of the only legendary monster I have from this set. Also, a couple of gold foil commons.
One more summoner and a lot of gold foil cards. Not a bad haul overall.

Guild Brawls:

Guild Brawl #114, playing Bronze League Gold Foil Only. The guild came in third from last place, continuing our mediocre stay in Tier two brawls. Starting next week, SPS rewards are being added to brawls, and we’ll see if that bring out any more people to actually play in the brawl battles.









I also got one more Gladiator pack:

A legendary Gladiator, though since I play mostly gold foil I don’t have a lot of use for it.

The Rest:

As usual, no real trading or tournaments. I finished out the season in Diamond on my main and Gold on my InvestYGator account, which is also fairly usual at this point. Here’s what I got for rewards:

InvestYGator Gold league chests, part one.
A solid haul for my alternate account, with a Legendary card and 3 Chaos Legion packs. Not to mention plenty of potions and cards.
Diamond league chests from my main account, part one.
A third copy of Jared Scar this week! Plus, another Chaos Legion pack and some decent SPS totals.

The season was a bit of a grind, dropping down and climbing back up within the league over and over again. Well, my Silver league alt account was a bit easier to just grind out matches on. Looking back over the past week, the rewards were fairly decent for the season overall.

I do need to spent some time adjusting my card collection. With the upcoming change to reduce focus points earned from battles for playing lower level cards, I need to look at shifting some higher level cards to my alt and possibly trying to level up some cards on my main. Though, the expense of the latter is probably going to be a bit prohibitive, so at least renting out a lot of my extra cards would probably be a good idea.

The plan for the next season is pretty much the same, try to struggle into Diamond league on my main, while just getting to Silver I on my alt and farming extra rewards. Though, the notion of scaling down to only playing one account is kind of appealing from a time perspective. It can take a while to run through enough games each day.

And that’s about it for this season report. Thank you for reading! I’ll be back next week with an article on the changes coming in at the start of this new season!

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