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Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

Hello All! Rather than post a full game review, I am taking a small break today and just posting some updates to previous articles:

  • As a correction to my previous Holybread , the developer does not appear to be planning on updating the game. Instead, he has released a new game, Thunkgaria. I will be posting a review of this new title on this upcoming weekend.
  • Kingdom Karnage has seen further development, though it is still in Early Access. An additional PVP mode was added, Balanced Mode, where players have the same set of cards. The developers are also currently giving out Enjin coin prizes for coming in at the top of the leaderboard in this mode each week.
  • Min-Mins Cloudy Combat was flagged as a suspicious application on my phone and was uninstalled. It still seems to be available on the Google Play store, though it doesn’t seem like there has been any developer activity in several months now.
  • Forest Knight has seen further development, though it is still in Early Access. A PVP Arena was added and they integrated more with the Enjin coin marketplace.
  • Arcane Showdown – Battle Arena actually came out of Early Access and was officially released at the end of September. There have been minor balancing changes, but no massive gameplay elements were altered since my article was written about it.
  • Splinterlands launched their Android version of the game this past week.
  • Upland has added a second city and is adding real money trading for their virtual properties. From what I can tell, the underlying “game” mechanics have not really changed from my original review.
  • Lucky Day has continued to make their app worse, with even less chance of token payouts for their constantly out of stock gift cards. I still strongly advise skipping Lucky Day, Lucky Night, Lucky Dice, and any other apps put out by this developer.

I hope that everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving! And, thank you for reading this blog!

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