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Happy Easter 2021! 1 Year Online!

Hello all! It’s hard to believe how much of 2021 has already flown by! Astute readers of this site may have noticed that it has been a while since I’ve written any sort of update entry… and, really anything other than my Splinterlands blog. While 2020 was a bad year for quite a lot of people, it ended with a kick-in-the-pants for me personally. I don’t want to get too much into personal stuff, but some things were alluded to in my blog articles.

Anyhow, I was inspired to do a little work on the site after getting accused of plagiarizing one of my own articles! Someone is actually reading what I post! To give a little more background, visitors to the site in the past might have noticed some ads. These were theoretically in place to offset the cost of maintaining the website. However, I was never able to actually receive any sort of payments from them, and have since switched the site back to being ad-free. To try to make up for this site being an expense, I repost some of my articles onto sites where you can get paid in cryptocurrency for your articles, namely Publish0X and Hive.

The situation was quickly cleared up, but to make it clear what are official reposts of my content, I have added a Links section. I also updated the main page, as two articles a week hasn’t been in the cards lately, nor have my updates been appearing on a regular schedule. The site hasn’t had a lot of visitors, so the accusation of plagiarism was a bit of a surprise. Also, if you are reading this, thank you for being one of the few readers on this site!

My original article about Splinterlands did not exactly sing the praises of playing this game. The new player experience, without dumping money into cards, is not the most pleasant experience. The developers have made some improvements, but the community is still what really makes getting into the game worthwhile.

I won’t sugarcoat that it is very much a pay-to-compete game. But, as I’ve been playing it for months know for my self-challenge series, it can be a fun light-strategy game if you don’t go overboard. I can be competitive, and trying to play hundreds of games for ranking during the two week seasons has certainly cut into my time to play other games and write about them.

For some other updates, Alien Worlds has become a lot more profitable to play. I use the term loosely here, as it is still more of a cryptocurrency faucet than a game. But, with the rise cryptocurrency prices and the current NFT craze, it is probably worth your time to check out!

Big Huge Games has announced that it will be shutting down Arcane Showdown: Battle Arena. I hadn’t played Clash of Clans prior and didn’t realize how similar the games were. Still, the lack of any sort of competitive scene in a strictly player-versus-player game with a freemium based economy didn’t leave me that surprised by this turn of events. I enjoyed the game, and I hope no one spent too much money on imaginary cards that will soon be gone.

With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out and my not having played too many other games with apocalyptic themes of late, there will be a bit fewer articles in this series. I still have things to write about for my Mobile Money series, since I’ve been doing a lot with cryptocurrency related games of late. And, I may occasionally toss in a new article if I play a thematically appropriate title.

There are also a lot of other games that I have played and would still like to write articles about. I will try to start picking up with new content a bit more regularly, outside of my Splinterlands blog. I hope that you have a good holiday weekend and thank you for reading!

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