Cyborg’s Quest (Contest)

While I was debating posting this under the Mobile Money series, I decided to just post this as a separate notice. The cryptocurrency Enjin is currently running a contest that spans across multiple mobile and computer games. They are offering several prizes purportedly worth $50,000.

For anyone unfamiliar, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, the most well known probably being Bitcoin. Enjin is a digital currency project intended to be used as a means of providing virtual items that can be used across multiple games. These items can be also be broken down into Enjin coins, which at the time of this writing have a value of about $0.20 in US dollars.

The “big” prizes they are giving away are tokens that you can exchange for free membership to some paid wealth management app. They’re claiming these have a value of $5,000 or $4,500. These should be transferable and, as the app these would be for is not available in the US, I would personally sell one if I won it. The more pertinent prize is 100 items that are worth ten dollars of Enjin, plus an item that can be used in some games.

The contest itself is broken up into two parts, with the first being to collect 3 parts of a virtual “cyborg” by August 9th, 2020. These parts are found in various games tied to the Enjin platform. The cyborg head can be found in the browser and mobile game Kingdom Karnage, the Telegram based game Grasshopper Emporium, or the computer game MyMeta Minecraft. The cyborg torso can be found in the mobile games Forest Knight or Min-Mins. The cyborg legs can be found in the computer game The Six Dragons or the mobile game Bitcoin Hodler.

The easiest path to get the cyborg head is through Grasshopper Emporium. The hardest part is downloading Telegram onto your phone and then it’s just clicking continue every 10 minutes when the quest progresses. Kingdom Karnage requires repeatedly grinding through a challenge to get randomly appearing pieces of the head. MyMeta Minecraft is the only not free to play game in the bunch, so I skipped it completely.

The cyborg torso is probably the hardest to get. It can drop in the ninth fight in Forest Knight, but seems to have an incredibly slim chance requiring lots of clearing the same fight over and over. Min-Mins is more straightforward, though difficult to figure out how you are supposed to play. There’s no real introduction, but essentially you need to beat four encounters to get the torso. However, to be able to beat them you will probably need to repeatedly clear training missions to try to find high quality units.

The cyborg legs are relatively easy to get, compared to the torso. The Six Dragons has a quest in which you need to collect 10 cyborg part items that will randomly drop off slain monsters. I managed to get 10 after killing about 50 spiders and skeletons fairly easily. Bitcoin Hodler is a bit more difficult in my opinion, as it requires some quick reflexes to play well.

I’m not doing an in-depth review of any of these games here, but may at a later date. The second part of the overall contest is to play the computer game Lost Relics after you have gotten your completed cyborg on August 9th. You can use him to enter a special dungeon in that game, which may reward one of the noted prizes.

Having played most of these games, a lot of them are in early alpha and very unpolished. I encountered a lot of bugs and poor performance, but a few of them are fairly enjoyable. If anyone reads this before the contest end and has any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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